View Full Version : Chef Gordan Ramsey had a hair transplant

12-29-2010, 04:30 PM
GORDON Ramsay sneaks out of a clinic hiding his bandaged bonce after a 30,000 hair transplant.
The telly chef, 44 - famed for his wild locks - spent a gruelling TWELVE HOURS having follicles painstakingly removed from lush patches of his scalp and reinserted where his hairline is thinning.


01-01-2011, 05:02 AM
How would he be stupid enough to get caught coming out of the clinic? Even more so how would the the paparazzi know for sure what he had done its not like he came out wearing a special surgery cap.

I bet someone from the armani clinic tipped them off because unless you read these forums if your loaded you would just give them a call and pay what they ask and believe everything they say so this article has probably helped armani a lot.

Readers have made comments write at the bottom of that article i think implying that he may get a bodge result but as much as i dnt like his doctor im guessing he will come out with a fantastic result. At his age his the perfect candidate and the amount armani charged he would have taken his time about it and not asked a tech to do most of it like he does with people who r not famous or of high status.

I remember when i went to see him he charged me 50 quid for his consultation and quoted me nearly 20k for 2000 grafts and i got away with having 750 grafts from another fue surgeon.

Armani told me i should use more grafts which would give me the perfect look i need (i was going for a sensible look where i would have grafts for the future as i am 30 will probably lose more) and that there is a new treatment around the corner which will offer some sort of cloning so i dnt have anything to worry about.

All those armani patients who made the decision to get really low hairlines and a super dense result will be laughing and jumping up and down if this acell thing is for real. Armani was acting back in 2009 when i went to see him like he knew it was a sure thing. Lets hope it is but i just think if it was for real then bigger more well known surgeons like woods and biasina would be on the case with it all by now but lets hope they are all experimenting with it behind the scenes and one day we will all wake up with some ground breaking news and all this worry about more future loss and all these drugs we use willl be over