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12-29-2010, 12:14 AM
Hi Guys

I have decided for 2011 I would do something about my hair. I have done a bit of research and

have a couple of questions. I've found that for best results I should use the Big 3. I have been to Advanced Hair and Ashley & Martin but felt I was not getting value for money. So I am planning to use as my three:
Minoxidil: Rogaine Foam
DHT Inhibtor: Propecia (one of my questions, see below)
Antiandrogen: Tricomin (combo pack)

In combination of this I plan to get FUE. See link for hairline pictures (http://www.************.com/interact/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=63029).

My hair isn't too bad but I hate my receeding and high hairline. So I would like to get this fixed up and lowered.

My Questions:
1. Is my Big 3 combination ok?
2. I have heard some bad stuff about Propecia, what are your opinions of this?
3. I would prefer to get my FUE procedure done in Australia but from what I have seen on this message board alot of comments are saying that not very many Australian doctors are any good. Personally I find this a bit hard to beleive but would like to get your honest opinions :-)

I have looked into some websites for FUE and wondered if you have had or heard of anyone who had the procedures through:
- Dr. Barry White or his protégé (http://www.newhair.com.au)
- Dr Jennifer Martinick (http://www.martinick.com)

Thanks for your help :-)