View Full Version : Does Cold Weather Have Any Negative Effects on Hair Transplant Grafts?

10-29-2008, 02:15 PM
Answered by Michael Beehner, MD (http://www.iahrs.org/DisplayProfile.asp?ID=%C4&sID=%BF%82&sn=)

I work as a police officer in New Jersey and at times need to be outside for my job. If I were to have a major transplant procedure (5-6,000 grafts) during the winter months (such as December), how long after the last day of the procedure will it again be OK to be outside for an extended period of time (as long as 1 hour)? What I mean is, will the cold weather of December here in New Jersey have a negative effect on the newly transplanted grafts if I am outside for too long? Can I simply wear a wool head cap (after a week or two of recovery time from the procedure) to keep my head protected from the cold weather and related elements? Thanks, Jay
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I am not aware of any adverse effects of the cold air on the survival of grafts planted. They are nested well down into the warmth of your scalps warm blood supply and tissues. Read Full Post (http://hairloss.iahrs.org/hair-transplant/negative-effects-cold-weather-hair-transplant/) on The IAHRS Hair Transplant (http://hairloss.iahrs.org/) Info Center.