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Raymond Konior, MD
12-26-2010, 09:49 AM
This young man presented to my office with a history of having undergone a 3000 graft dense-pack frontal hairline megasession. Based on information provided by him, that restoration was intended to restore the frontal hairline region exclusively with a graft density of approximately 100 follicular-units per square centimeter. There has been debate about the safety and feasibility of using such high graft densities. The potential risks of this approach are revealing in this patient who demonstrates three unique problems: 1) low graft yield; 2) recipient site scarring; and 3) unacceptable donor site scarring.

The patient’s primary goal was now to enhance density within the previously grafted frontal region. A conservative approach to repair and restoration was recommended for the following reasons: 1) previous dense-packing had failed to produced reliable high density in the frontal region; 2) the frontal region was now compromised with diffuse and localized scar from the prior procedure; 3) the donor site was compromised with an extraordinarily wide scar from the initial megasession. The patient underwent a two-stage repair with 2188 grafts total grafts which were placed with the goal of supplementing density throughout the frontal region, with special attention on the dense scar in the right-central frontal hairline. Session one used 1080 grafts and session two used 1108 grafts. The graft yield in the scarred region appears to be very high – a reassuring finding for those repair patients who express concerns about graft survival in scar tissue.

12-26-2010, 10:55 AM
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