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12-20-2010, 03:51 PM
Hi all,

I usually only post on the "stophairlossnow" forum as I wasnt aware of others, however Spex asked that I make this post on this site as well so I have now become a member. Here is the post of my story in brief so far, having just had my second HT with Dr Feller.......

Hi all, I have been a member of this forum since early 2007 when I started researching hair loss solutions. I have not made many posts as I have either found the information I have needed through other peoples posts or I didnt feel like I had the experience to comment.

I have just had my second hair transplant procedure with Dr feller on the 14th of December 2010 and I told Dr Feller I would make this post out of respect for both his and his staff's good work. I also strongly feel its about time I gave something back to you guys.

As I have never really posted im putting my whole story in here. Therefore to make it easier for thiose who want certain details I have put a heading above each speciifc area of my story so feel free to skip to the parts that may concern you, here goes.......

Personal Background
I first started losing my hair around the age of 17 (I am now 27). I have only ever really receded around my temples and by the age of 23 it had got too much to bear. I researched solutions and by this point I had been spending a fortune on Regaine and Propecia.

I had gone to see a number of so called specialists and did a lot of online research (something I would strongly recommend). At the age of 17 I had even tried a place in the UK i cant mention that ended up just giving me a load of menoxidil at a rediculous price. For this reason I strongly recommend sticking to what is well known for helping with hair loss like Propecia, Proscar and Regaine.

Anyway, I got to the age of 23 and wanted to continue being able to put a little gel in my hair and spike it etc so I really wanted my temples back, or atleast a reasonable way back towards my forehead. This is when I researched transplants.

After a lot of research I came across Dr Feller, and being a UK patient I was introduced to Spex who is the contact in the UK for all Feller patients. All I can say is what everyone else says, Spex is a great guy and you can ask him anything and he will get back to you quickly and accurately within hours. He is also very honest which is what I needed at this stage.

I had the benefit of meeting Dr Feller in London, something which I wanted to do before I committed but now laugh about since I know how genuine he is. Dr Feller met with me as well as Spex and discussed my needs in detail and well as what could be performed. To summarise this paragraph Spex is simply superb at what he does and he does it so very often you cant consider a transplant without dropping him a line.

What was next for me?
Well, Id had this consultation with Spex and Dr Feller and I was alot more confident than I had ever been with any of the other jokers I had met. They were both professional and had the evidence to prove their ability. I went ahead and booked my first surgery in Great Neck, New York and started growing my hair about 2-3 months before the procedure. This allowed for enough growth to cover the donor and implant areas. Dr Feller also allowed me to pay in installments so thast cash flow wasnt an issue. I also went ahead and bought soem Witch Hazel Gel and pure Aloe vera Gel to help with the redness after the procedure. Prior planning prevents poor performance!

NY and the procedure
I was very nervous as Im sure most people are at this stage. Again, I laugh about this now as it was so simple. I stayed in The Andrews Hotel very close to Dr Fellers surgery the night before and got settled. It was a personal choice to get in and get out rather than go sight seeing so I onyl stayed for 3 days.

I went to the surgery nice and early the next day and was met by Dr Feller. We had another detailed consultation and drew out the lines on my head where I wanted the hairline to be. (Im keeping this detail brief as my second surgery is probably more important than the 1st). Throughout the procedure the staff were as lovely and welcoming as come be, Dr Feller also constantly asked if I was OK and explained what he was doing. The most important point to make here is that nothing will be done that you dont want him to do and you will not be in any pain if you mention it as soon as you are. Dr Feller is very good at explaining everything and before I knew it the procedure was complete and the pain was more than manageable.

The rest of my stay?
I was nervous going back to the hotel that I would have a night of restless sleep. However The procedure was performed very well and I was very comfortable after following the post op guidlines. I would suggest buying some bottles of water and maybe some snacks on your first night in the hotel, this is because in my experience you dont feel like leaving the hotel for atleast the first few hours and its very good to keep hydrated and the snacks cheered me up!!

I took my flight home with a loose cap on. Some people get asked to take the cap off at security, however I wasnt asked and walked straight through no problems. However, I always thought that id never see any of the airport staff again anyway so just go for it!! The doc gave me some sleeping pills for the flight home which was great, before I knew it I was on home soil and feeling good.

Time at home after surgery
I have to say the first week at home after surgery is the worst, but even this is never as bad as you think it will be. I simply managed sleeping on the staples with the odd pain tablet and the days were not really sore at all. I also managed the pink areas with the aloe vera and witch hazel. Within 2 weeks I was starting to look like myself again, as the implants started to shed and my hair was covering the scar.

Within 2-3 months I had completely forgotten that I had had this surgery and before I knew it 6 months was coming up and I had hair on my temples just as thick as the rest of my head, amazing!! No-one has ever considered that I may have had something done, my family have only said how amazing it is that I havnt lost my hair when my brothers have!!!

So why a second surgery?
I had a second surgery with Dr Feller on Wednesday last week, this is 3.5 years after my original surgery. The point of this surgery was for two reasons, partly greed and partly because I know what amazing results can be achieved and now that my hair was fully grown in the original area soem very small touch up areas were visible. It simportant to note at this stage that in no way was the second surgery necessarily required, Dr Fellers first surgery was superb and this was a personal choice.

What Happened this time?
Well...again I was nervous but this time I was nervous because I hadnt seen Dr Feller before the op and I was concerned that as my temples were full of hair if I tried to improve that people would notice.

The best thing I ever did was TALK TO DR FELLER!! When I got there I told him everything. He simply said "I know exactly what you mean" and continued to explain how he would improve the hair line even further but incorporate the existing hairline so that the transplant was close to invisible! Again he showed me the lines of the hairline and explained how he would minimise the hair shaving so people at home wouldnt have a clue.

I have to stress at this point that Dr Feller said this was a rare case due to the fact that little work was required and that I was simply extending his original work. But my point in this topic is that if you want something you have to tell Dr Feller because the man has great ability and experience. If you say nothing the how can he help? I suggest you explain everything you want fully and you will get an honest answer, who knows maybe you will get a better result than you ever imagined!

So Dr Feller made what he called small golf club lines to fill in the sides of my temples. I was very happy with the whole procedure and felt completely listened to. I have to say at this stage that unfortunately Ive had many operations on my knee in the last 3 years and I know how important consultations are. Dr Feller brings consultation to a whole new level, I felt so comortable and was excited even before the operation started.

I also have to do a quick shout out to Spex at this stage too. For the second procedure he was just as helpful as the first and even reserved me a spot until I could confirm dates with work. professionalism both at home and abroad, well done guys!

Well.....Now im at home and Dr Feller did exactly what he promised. The donor and implant sites are sore as expected but after a shower when my hair dries you would not notice a thing!! I feel great and although im being careful and looking after myself im looking forward to a future full of hair. Dr Feller also revised my original scar so hopefully that will be the icing on the cake.

Nothing is perfect in this world but I hope this will give some readers some hope in a hair loss world that I know first hand can be brutal. All im trying to say is that there is always hope when you chose the right people to go to and Dr Feller and his staff are definitely those people. They will be thorough and most importantly very honest with you.

I am more than ahppy to answer any questions anyone has as I have two full experiences under my belt now. Ive rushed through this a bit so feel free to fire away.

Spex and Dr Feller feel free to add my before and after photos for both procedures (Please remove my face before posting of course!!)

Thanks everyone, I hope this helps and good luck to you all.

12-20-2010, 04:23 PM
Thank you for sharing your experience. I am glad that your procedures went well and that you are happy with the outcome. From what I've heard, Dr. Feller is a very good surgeon. Would you mind posting some pictures? Also, I'm curious, where were you on the NW scale before your procedures, and was your 2nd procedure strip or FUE?

12-20-2010, 05:36 PM

I don't have photos I'm afraid but I have asked dr feller and spex to post them so I'm sure they will in time.

Both of my surgeries were strip. I did consider FUE for the second procedure but as I already had a strip scar dr feller said this was the best option plus he tried to improve the old scar which is a bonus.

Im not sure of the Norwood but I had well receded temples 4 yrs ago which were filled with around 2500 grafts on my first strip. My second procedure was only 1000 grafts to improve my hairline even further, hopefully pics will help show this soon!

12-21-2010, 04:35 AM
Hey fattusp,

What hairloss history do you have in your family?

What age did you start propecia and are you still using it after all this time?

What benefits,if any, did you see from it?

Curious to see your pictures..

Thanks and GL

12-21-2010, 09:55 AM
Hi The jack,

Both of my grandparents have little hair but my father has only a slightly receding hairline. The interesting thing is I have 3 brothers all of whom are only slightly receding if at all.

I am the only sibling who does a lot of impact sport and weight lifting etc so maybe this caused a testosterone change I'm not sure.

I started regaine and proscar just before my first ht after completing my research. Dr feller said I havnt lost anymore hair, I'm not sure if this is the proscar but I'll keep taking it just in case. I also use nizoral shampoo once or twice a week. I have no solid evidence that these products work but having confirmed that my hair hasn't got any worse I'll continue with their use!

01-10-2011, 08:52 PM
All you are missing is pictures, can you post them? Maybe even the ones before you had any surgery at all?