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12-16-2010, 07:10 PM
Hi guys,

Just wanted to briefly share my experience with Dr. Glenn Charles in Boca Raton , Florida . Dr. Charles recently transplanted 1109 grafts using FUE. Although my hairline has been bothering for a couple of years now, as an incredibly prudent 25 year old I was generally apprehensive about getting an HT. You never know how things are going to progress, and I was cognizant of the fact that my young age made it even less predictable. That being said, I was confident that I wanted to get an HT at some point. The question, of course, was when.

I had several consultations with HT surgeons in South Florida but very few of them provided the analytical approach that I expected. I wanted to hear more about the specific characteristics of my hair and the progression of my receding hairline. Clearly, no HT surgeon has a crystal ball, and s/he won’t be able to tell you where, when and how your hair loss will progress in the future, but Dr. Charles definitely hit all the major talking points that I wanted to discuss, e.g. my age, how my father’s NW 7 baldness may or may not affect my own hair loss, the general thickness and density of my hair etc. Dr. Charles wasn’t pushy but I didn’t get the sense that this was part of his “strategy.” Another HT surgeon with whom I consulted, for example, was extremely reluctant to propose anything, essentially responding to all of my questions and statements with, “Yeah, sure, I could do that.” In the end, he agreed to place roughly 1000 grafts on just one side of my hairline, since only one side of my receding hairline was bothering me and I placed most of my emphasis on that left corner during our discussion. But anyone who knows anything about HTs and hair loss understands that you can’t fix one corner without fixing the other. In addition to being generally unhelpful, I found that particular HT surgeon to be somewhat pushy in his un-pushiness—if that makes any sense—trying to make me comfortable by thinking, “Hey, this guy is being extremely cautious.” Or maybe I’m just overly cynical, but the fact that he agreed to place 1000 grafts on just one side of my hairline leads me to believe that this wasn’t genuine caution or concern.

I definitely didn’t find that to be the case with Dr. Charles. Not saying he wasn’t cautious, but he had a very balanced approach that included an analysis of the specifics of my hair loss and hair type. Again, all you can really expect is an educated guess, but that’s what I expected and that’s exactly what I got from Dr. Charles. He was enthusiastic and passionate without the pushiness. Unlike another prominent HT surgeon in the area, Dr. Charles doesn’t charge for consultations and is willing to spend substantial time with you to discuss your options. I had two separate consultations in fact. $100-150 for a consultation is pretty insignificant when you’re about to spend at least several thousand on an HT, but the fact that Dr. Charles doesn’t charge anything to talk to potential patients left me with a good vibe.

I did an FUE procedure so I can’t speak to strip. It’s generally not that bad. Far less painful than, say, getting your wisdom teeth out. The most uncomfortable aspect of the procedure was the application of the anesthetics. That being said, I think my experience may have been slightly worse in that regard than others’ because different people react differently to anesthetics, something I learned from Dr. Charles’ staff. It wears off more quickly on some people than on others’, and I was in that first category. As a result, they probably had to apply the anesthetics a bit more frequently than usual. But even then it wasn’t too bad. The incisions that Dr. Charles makes for the grafts are barely felt. It’s a bit like a scratching sensation. With the exception of the anesthetics, graft removal wasn’t too bad either. Eight days post-op and I feel no discomfort. The scabs are starting to fall off at this point and I’m looking forward to resuming all my normal routines in the next couple of days.

Anyway, that’s my story. Hope this is helpful for anyone considering an HT, and especially those located in South Florida . While I obviously can’t speak to the final results at this stage, as far as the actual procedure is concerned my HT experience with Dr. Charles went about as well as it could have: minimal pain; extreme professionalism on Dr. Charles’ part; and a relatively quick recovery.


12-20-2010, 08:30 AM
Glad to hear you had a great experience overall. Keep us updated on your results!