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12-14-2010, 02:01 AM
I should start by saying if you're a twenty something man and experiencing your first signs of male pattern baldness I know exactly what you're feeling. There is a huge difference between the initial shock of losing your hair, realizing your days of needing a comb are numbered and what you are likely to feel when the process has run its course.

I first noticed my hairline receding at 22. By 28 the fat lady had sung herself hoarse. To this day I can still remember the sensation of sheer terror when the first stands of my hair began showing up in the shower drain. I can remember thinking, "My father isn't bald (as a matter of fact he still has more hair than me) so why was God, genetics, fate doing this to me"? And brother did I throw money at the problem.

Propecia, check
Laser Comb, check
Saw Palmetto, check
NOgain, excuse me Rogaine, check

In that initial phase of hair loss I'd bet I would have given just about any sum of money I had to keep my hair and though I am very new to this forum I can "hear" that same desperation in a quite a few posts. To those of you at the beginning of your journey let me tell you something from someone who has long been at the end. No matter what you do you will always be that balding man, for better or worse. No drug and no amount of transplants will take away that nagging voice in your head saying ,"Why is that person staring at me? Can they tell? Is it getting worse?" In Reality that's what balding can rob you of. Your sense of self confidence, not your hair. As impossible as it may seem to you now as you struggle to cling on to every precious follicle know that when and if you join the ranks of the millions of men who have gone bald both past and present that it will be how you chose to react mentally to the result and not the depth of your bank account or the miracles of modern science that will ultimately determine your happiness. You're still going to be the same person on the other side and when and if you can come to that conclusion you'll find out going bald really isn't as horrible as it first seemed.

Of course you could go another route. Wear hats all the time, try to conceal the hair loss until you end up one of those guys with a blank box over your face and a head of "new" transplanted hair, but keep this in mind. Those men are still mentally terrified of being labeled bald, that's why they are hiding their identity. The transplants only created a facade to cover up the real and still unhealed damage they did to themselves believing all of their self worth revolved solely around their hair line.

12-14-2010, 05:34 AM
What do you mean by "blank box over your face"?

I don't see being bald as an identity. If a person chooses to do something about their hairloss they aren't hiding their identity, they are trying to conceal, improve or fix a cosmetic concern.

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12-15-2010, 08:48 AM
The idea that who you are is entirely up to you is a fallacious myth that becomes more ridiculous every time you work hard and are passed over for promotion, every time you're mistaken for someone who's 40 when you're only 25 and every time you're rejected by others. Baldness will shape you because of negative perceptions of others no matter how confident you are. Ostracism is the only way for a bald man to be in control.