View Full Version : Dr. Lindsey small frontal case with growth at 5 months

Dr. Lindsey
12-08-2010, 07:27 AM
So this guy has a couple of issues that are reasonable to consider in this thread.

First, he's young. I'm pretty cautious about young guys wanting a hair case and I lose lots of patients when I insist on being conservative, preserving donor hair for the future "just in case", and when I push for a more mature hairline than all of there non-balding 20-something friends have. This fellow had a good family history of hair issues, and agreed to my stipulations.

Second, he wears short hair. So scar show is a potential concern. He said he'd be willing to let his back hair grow a bit to cover the scar, but still, we wanted a decent scar.

Third, he was planning on starting a new job 10 days after the procedure....and doesn't have long enough frontal forelock hair to cover the transplanted areas, and with his redish complection, he was going to be red in the recipient area for a couple of months.

Lastly, he's our only "double fainter". Meaning he tolerated the procedure great, was a delight to have with us. Then when he realized it was all over and it was time to go home, he got pretty woozy. Same thing a week later after his sutures came out and he wanted a copy of his pictures to show his fraternity brothers.

But he did great, and walked in last Thursday at 5.8 months out from his 1600 graft frontal triangle case. Shown are preop, postop, and last week's pictures. He was doing a good job speaking with that day's patient, who himself was anxious, that I didn't get a good frontal shot. He'll be back in June for a final set of pictures as he works a mile away from the office.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA