View Full Version : Where can I buy a good system for a reasonable price

12-04-2010, 07:11 PM
After Hair Club I started to buy my systems from hollywoodlace.com because it was a lot cheaper than Hair Club. However, I just recently purchased a new system from hollywoodlace and it took approximately 9 weeks to recieve. I paid for a 5 week shipping which cost $230.00. I really needed the system becaue the one I was using was very less densed. I use regular products and I blow dry my hair so I need a new system like ever couple of months. I spoke to one of the agents and she told me that it is taking longer because they had a week off in October. Regardless of the week, it still arrived 9 weeks later when it should have gotten here within 5 week or at least 8 weeks with the week off. However, I asked if I could get the rush money back which is $49.00 and the agent said that she will talk to HR about reinbursting the rush service money back. I spoke to the agent within 6 weeks a week after I realized that something was wrong because I haven't recieved my hair-piece. Within the last 3 weeks I was going crazy because I couldn't go out in public with a system very densed. I had balding spots in the front but mostly in the back. The hair looked very thin as well. I had no choose but to were hats and handkerchiefs. I finally recieved my hair-piece a couple of days ago but still no refund. I called hollywoodlace and they said that they are waiting on HR to get back to them. I was a little frustrated so I told them that instead of giving me a refund if I just could order products. The agents said yes. I ordered the side tape and the glue. It wasn't exactly the same amount of the money they owe me but as long as I was mostly getting my money back even if it was in the form of products. I had to spend Halloween and Thanksgiving with a hat and a handkerchief. This is not including my daily routines. The point of the matter is that I need to find a better company that is more reliable with their services. Is there anyone that can help me?

Dr. Glenn Charles
12-05-2010, 09:02 PM
There are often several smaller non surgical hair restoration shops in most cities. Many times they wil be able to offer better service at a lower price.