View Full Version : think about going on Finasteride, any info, success, failures anyone can share?

11-30-2010, 04:50 PM
Hey, about a week ago i went to finally see a dermo about my hair loss/thinning, i got a biopsy of my scalp done and on Thursday i go to get the stitches out, and i was thinking about asking for a prescription for Finasteride, I didnt wanna be on any prescription drugs but after trying natural vitamins and pills for over a year, and my hair loss getting worse, im heavily thinking about Finasteride.

is anyone taking it? are you having success? keeping your hair? did your hair grow thicker?

anyone taking it and have a negative experience?


12-01-2010, 04:26 PM
I've answered this question too many times to go into great detail about my experience, so here is my short answer: a) it works well for stopping hair loss, b) the side effects are pretty rare and generally tolerable, and c) only the small minority of guys who have bad side effects will come online to talk about it and it will freak you out if you pay too much attention. Try it for a month and if you don't have any issues, then stay on it until something better comes along. If you do have issues, stop taking it.

12-12-2010, 08:24 PM
I took it for 12 years, and have most of my hair. In the end, I had to stop taking it because it has literally ruined my sex life (ED, and penis sensitivity issues). I don't believe I am in the minority like the respondent above me would have you believe. If you take propecia for any duration (like more than 5 or 6 years), I would be willing to bet almost anything that you will start to experience the issues I did.

My verdict, IMO.. I think this drug will save you some hair for a few more years, but I'm not sure the price you could pay with your sex life would make taking it worth while.