View Full Version : Hypothyroid question for Dr. Redmond

12-31-2008, 06:50 AM
Hello Dr. Redmond,
I was misdiagnosed for hypothyroidism for 12 years starting at 18 years old due to alway showing normal levels of TSH in my blood work. I am now 34 years old, I basically self diagnosed myself and demanded the Dr. give me thyroid meds. anyway, i am now on 4 grains of Armour, while i feel very good on Armour i have other problems and i would like to know if there are other hormones out of whack and what could they be?
Past symptoms prior to diagnosis
-Mutliple miscarriages at 8 weeks(too many to count)
-hair loss (pubic, underarm and scalp ) i also still have terrible scalp pain
- masculine voice
-always cold
-chronic fatigue
-brain fog
-inability to concetrate
-no libido (absolutley no feelings)
-Depression among others

after taking Armour these symptoms releived
-I am no longer cold,
-i got my voice back
-no more miscarriages
-no longer depressed
-not as fatigued
-not as much brain fog

However, I am still unable to concentrate
Still no libido, my hair is still falling out (mainly in the back from nape to ears) i still have scalp pain.

some new symptoms has appeared
Severe cystic acne,
very oily skin and scalp,
i am not finding pleasure in anything that i used to enjoy,
no pubic hair or underarm hair,
i have been diganosed with fibroids

i have been tested for PCOS and testosterone, and cortisol all normal (but i do have very little faith in the lab results). What could the remaining symptoms be indicating.
I am looking forward to your response, i hate going to the Dr.s when all they look at are my numbers from the lab totally ignoring my symtoms.