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11-28-2010, 10:29 PM
well i guess i will start off by saying thanks to EVERYONE on here, every little bit that everyone contributes helps...i'm sure each and every one of us has done countless hours of research on the topic and have found this particular forum one of the most popular/informative sites available

i personally didn't notice my hairloss situation until my smartass brother asked me if i had a receding hairline when i was 18...i then realized that i had my grandfathers genetics on my mothers side, and needless to say i was completely hit off guard, i had really never thought much about it and every time i even thought about it from then on my stomach hit the ground...my gpa still has about 55% or so of hair, a 3" or so receding hairline and bald spot on the vertex (still has his natural hair color), he is 75...

i will be 25 in a month...started taking propecia at 20 and have been on and off since then, but mostly on...seemed to have held on to most of my hair pretty well...i will say at this point i have around 90% of my hair, the only bald spots are my temples that have receded about 1 inch...i have noticed i am thinning a bit up top but my vertex is around 100%...i started taking rogaine 9 months ago (try to get two times a day, but mostly just once), i haven't noticed much of a difference...with that being said i have a lot of prickly hairs on top of my head if i run my fingers from front to back, can anyone shed some light on that, would that be new hairs growing or hairs on their last leg? they seem very strong and thick, and i believe they were there before the rogaine as well, not sure if there are more or if they have gotten thicker...i am going to start documenting with pictures for future reference...

when i started propecia the doc said there were very minimal side effects, same as rogaine...i started thinking that i have changed a little bit since i was 18, i will start with the biggest concerns for side effects first...

bloated face: seems like it's more with the rogaine...i am naturally a skinny guy and have seemed to accumulate a fat face lately in the cheeks down to the jawline/neck area..i at first though it was from the extra calories i was consuming due to an effort to gain weight but then was doing some research one night and it hit me, it is probably the rogaine...

low libido, brain fog, and depression: i put all of the in a secondary category because they come and go and aren't real severe although definitely there

anyhow, i have been pretty sick lately so i have been thrown off of my daily routine and have barely taken propecia and rogaine and seemed to have been feeling much better with these 3 issues so i have decided to try two weeks without them and see how it goes...if i see a decrease in my hair situation then i think i will try the prop again at .5mg dosage and prob stay off of the rogaine for a while as i haven't seen great enough progress to stay on, might try it again later...

well that's my story, it's pretty scattered and might seem unclear but i tried to cover all of the main points...if anyone has anything they would like to share or have any advice i would greatly appreciate it, thanks!

11-28-2010, 10:41 PM
I also got fat face and lethargy from minoxidil. If you begin to notice dark circles under your eyes, be quick to throw the damn bottle out the window.

11-28-2010, 10:51 PM
I also got fat face and lethargy from minoxidil. If you begin to notice dark circles under your eyes, be quick to throw the damn bottle out the window.

ha, just my luck, i have noticed those as well...damn, i though that was genetic because my brother gets them too only he has the good hair genetics: a hair helmet (bastard)

i try to take very good care of myself especially with nutrition because that seems to help out the dark circles, maybe all i have to do is stop the rogaine...thanks for the info