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11-28-2010, 07:23 PM
I ran out of Regenepure so I stuck to just using warm water to clean my hair for 7-10 days before the Regenpure came in. I did not want to resort to using SLS shampoo.

I noticed that I had virtually NO hair in my hand when I washed my hair with just warm water. My hair also appeared to look thicker.

I used Regenepure again today and had tons of hair all over my hands and body. I did some research online and actually saw articles about ditching shampoo altogether and how it is actually healthy for your hair. It will look greasy for 2 weeks while your hair transitions to not having shampoo anymore. Is there any reason why I shed so much hair when I began to use SLS Regenepure shampoo again?

Surely, most of these people are referring to shampoo which contain SLS. Regenepure IS expensive at about $50 for both the DR/NT washes. I have no problem using Regenepure until I noticed how little hair I shed while I was using warm water in the shower.

I have also been on Finasteride for about 7 months now. My hair doesn't really appear thicker than the day I started using it. The left side of my hairline has been slowly thinning out and receding. The right side of my hairline has been receded since about 18, but the left side is just now slowly following suit. I was hoping Finasteride would halt this, but no luck. It would probably look weird to have one side of your hairline to be receded and not the other. Looking forward to how Finasteride helps my hair with the next 6 months.

I hate dealing with this and spending this exorbitant amount of money for shampoo because my hair is thinning. How awesome life with a thick head of hair. I can't even approach many girls on campus. My confidence has been shattered since my hair started thinning. My hair is also pretty lengthy and I have been considering cutting it. The back is almost shoulder length. This is probably making my hair appear thinner, but I can't stand how I look with REAL short hair. I need to find a happy medium haircut.

All in all, what do you guys use for shampoo? Would you ever consider not using shampoo?

11-29-2010, 12:30 AM
Hi Adam,

Hope the propecia works for you, thinking of giving it a try myself as i have some thinning and temple loss (ironically 5 years ago I had a job to find products that reduce volume, now its the opposite). I find layering the top and keeping length at back & sides gives the appearance of thicker hair.

Interesting to see your experience of shampoo making hair fall out, I have experienced this a bit too. For years I have had very long hair and have shed quite a bit when washing it with regular shampoo (that contains Sodium laurel Sulphate), and it always felt dry after washing. even if I bought a shampoo for 'dry' hair it seemed to wash natural oils out.

I read something about SLS being bad for hair about 1 year ago . Apparently SLS is a petrolium based substance also used in industrial cleaning, but they water it down for cheap cosmetic products such as soaps or shampoos.

Since I switched to shampoo thats SLS free I have noticed less shedding when i wash, and less split ends so my hair has grown longer. My scalp is also less irritated or prone to dandruff.

I dont know what Health food stores you have in your state but in the uk we have Holland & Barrett & GNC. I buy most of my haircare products in these stores. I use Dr organics lavender shampoo & conditioner, whick I have had best results with, but there are other brands such as avalon or Tara Smith that use natural products and sls free. Never heard of regenepure but $50 sounds overpriced for shampoo so sounds like a snakeoil product to me.

Hope this helps & Good luck!!

12-02-2010, 12:14 PM
If you don't wash your hair for over a week you are sure to clog your pores
And build up sebum. As for Regenepure, it is a sulfate free product with all beneficial ingredients for the scalp and hair. Look at the ingredients on their website. All good for you. Just because you never heard of it in the UK does not make it a snake oil. I love the DR and the NT is a great nourishing treatment that I use after the DR which has ketoconazole. The Ketoconazole does have a drying effect. The NT keeps my hair conditioned but also keeps it as full as possible unlike other conditioners. The company was giving out samples in Manhattan ( where they are based ) you may want to try it out and see for yourself ;-). Also, shampoo is just that, a shampoo and must be used with other products that actually grow hair. Quality shampoos like Regenepure will properly cleanse your scalp and prepare for such products like LLLT, propecia, etc..