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11-16-2010, 11:10 AM
Hello all, I am new to this forum and have been searching through threads and looking at various information but I am still somewhat baffled on what approach to take.

I am 28, I've been thinning since about 20 and while my hairline is receding, my whole top of my head is basically uniformly receding and thinning. I've been battling with the health risks/side effects vs rewards for sometime, and realize now I just need to make the move and stick with it.

I've never used anything but Saw Palmetto off and on, and would like to either try Minox and/or Finastride. I was turned down at age 25 by my doctor to use propecia, and he told me to use rogaine due to my age/side effects.

My fear is doing some unwanted damage to myself in the long haul for retaining/growing hair. While I obviously would like to prevent/regrown any thinning hair, I also don't want to destroy my libido with scripts because its dosed essentially forever.

Lastly, my trepidation with Minoxidil is the shedding phase. I know the logic behind it, but I've also read that Minoxidil can cause you to shed and damage the hair follicle, ultimately doing more damage than good if you use and don't keep with it than you would have naturally lost. Is this true or believe to be true?

Ultimately, barring the health side effects from the debate, do I have any chance of LOSING more hair than I would NATURALLY by attempting to use either product (minox/propecia).

Thanks in advance for any comments or advice.