View Full Version : Help me win my hair back?

11-08-2010, 08:40 PM
My name is Jacob, and I have struggled with hair loss for 4 years now... Like anyone would in this situation I have tried desperately to slow the process, and have had limited success with Rogaine. I've wanted surgery for almost since the start of my thinning, I had even chosen my dream doctor. At 26, I am not in a place where I can afford her, but I decided to follow her on facebook. Unbelievably, last month she started a competition to do a hair restoration pro bono for one lucky person! I was chosen along with two other finalists and a popular vote determines who will receive this INCREDIBLE gift....
This is an amazing opportunity and I can't afford to miss out on winning this solution. The only problem is that my competition has thousands of friends on facebook and I have 60! I don't need anyone to "friend" me per se, but anyone who can understand the pain hair loss has caused and would like to vote for me would be much appreciated. I need a minimum of 30 votes to catch up and I'm pretty much out of other options. Please help!
Voting takes literally 2 seconds, just click "Jacob Douglas" in the poll tab on the Doctor's facebook page, I will leave the link below. Polls close on Monday, Nov. 15th at 5pm PST.
Thanks in advance.
Cautiously optimistic,