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11-08-2010, 08:00 AM
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Hi Guys/Girls

Well here is my first post having recently returned back to the uk after my hair transplant with the one and only Dr Alan Feller at his great neck, New York practice........

I'm in my early forties and first experienced hairloss approx in my early twenties and it has been ongoing since then. Prior to seeking out Dr Feller and his fantastic team, l had explored laser treatment, dusteride and more recently provillius (an herbal hair loss remedy l started taking as an alternative to dusteride, purley because my wife and me decided to try for another baby). In fairness l have definately had a reasonable degree of success in slowing down my hairloss over the years particulary with dusteride, however like many of us my real dream was to regain the hairline l had slowly but surely lost over the years....

Fast forward to February 2010 and after 12 months of surfing the web and various online consultations l opted to go for my first FUT with my chosen surgeon Dr Alan Feller. At this point l would also like to mention my man Spex who has been both supportive, available and consistant throughout the whole process with NO sales pressure in any shape or form right from the word go, unlike some of the other uk consultants l spoke with.

Having completed an online consultation with Dr Feller, l was advised that l would be looking at around 3,000 grafts to fill in my hairline and crown....so without hesitation l flew out to New York for the Doc to do his thing

The whole experience has been fantastic to be quite frank....Dr Feller and his excellent team of technicians transplanted 3,300 grafts to my frontal hairline and crown. Although with me having fine hair the Doc had to work a small miracle to successfully fill in my crown aswell.....( many many thanks again Doc to both you and to your wonderful techs who prepared my grafts to gain the coverage you did). Throughout my procedure the Doc was brilliant, not only on a professional level, but also a personal level. Some great background music, a few hours of 'braveheart',(top film) and the Doc and me putting the world to rights, infact give me an ht with doc feller all day long as opposed to going shopping with my missuss!! (I only jest wifey...honest!)....As for the discomfort side of things to be very honest it's miniscule in the grand scale of things and really doesn't warrant any concerns......marginal discomfort as the donor area was injected and then the painkillers took care of the following couple of days after the surgery. I had a small amount of swelling at day four totally gone by day six and again no real issue, (otherthan inspiring me towards botox having seen my forehead wrinkle free again ).... The donor area has felt tight (as you would expect), but not painfully tight and just recently at day 10 when my staples came out most of the tightness dissapeared.

I'm currently 12 days post surgery, so very early doors, my donor scar is healing fantastically well and with no problems. The transplant area has only a few small scabs remaining and the reddness has totally gone already. Overall i'm absolutely thrilled with the whole process and the real good parts still to come!!!...bring on the growth!!!

Spex has assured me he will post some pics courtesy of Dr Feller and l will post some more current pics as the weeks/months go by. For all you potential hair transplant wannabes out there surfing the net and forums as indeed we all have, all l can say guys/girls, is go for it and on a personal level l would HIGHLY recommend the wonderful Dr Feller and his team of marvellous techs, not forgetting my main man spex, who together have made what was a potentially a daunting prospect absolutely pain free and already life changing....

Remember everything in life is about taking massive action.....go for it guy's!!!

"Dreams are the seedlings of realities....live your dream....live with passion!"

Best regards
'Thoughts become things'......or more aptly 'Follicules become things'

p.s. the dvd is on the way Doc and many thanks again

7 months on:

Hi Guys/Girls
Well here is my latest update some 8months down the line now.....how time flies!! Things have gone pretty fantastic so far and Spex tells me it will only get better so bring it on!! The pics l have attached to this blog are 7 months post Op and they pretty much speak for themselves. I have not attached any pics of my Donor Scar because quite frankly l definately can't find the bloody thing now!!......once again great work Doc!! However you can if you wish to view, find a short video of my donor scar at 4mths in my video section and you can clearly see even at 4 mths the scar was minimal.
In relation to meds l have been continuing with Rogaine Foam and Alpecin shampoo, ( ?5 in boots and bloody good stuff in my eyes!)), l have only just last month started taking propecia 1mg daily to help maintain and retain my current hair....a little slack of me only just going on the meds 7 mths post op, but too be honest the results have been that fantastic, l have just not felt the urgency to order them. Anyway if only to keep Spex happy i've succumbed to propecia and have had no sides that l have noticed, the little lads still raging and keeping my missus happy, if you get my drift
I will post again at the 10 mth mark with fresh photo's and for anybody checking out my profile for the first time, please feel welcome to look at my earlier forum posts as this is my first blog entry and my earlier forum posts have the before/after pics, so you will really be able to get a feel for the fantastic job Doc Feller and his team of ninja techs has done............l will be forever thankful Doc......Your the Man!!!
Love n Blessings
Thoughts become Things aka Follicles become things!!!!

11-13-2010, 01:05 PM

what type of hair style did you do right after the surgery? month 1 , month 2 month 3, month 4 etc..

Congratulations because you look great!

Thanks in advance

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12 month update: quote "Very, Very Happy"



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WOW that is a remarkable transformation. I bet he looks 15 years younger.

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