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11-08-2010, 01:12 AM

I am 22 going into 23 in a few months. I have relatively thick hair compared to others who suffer from balding. I don't believe I suffer from actual balding whatsoever but I do believe that the hairs that make up my hairline have thinned and my hairline has gradually moved backwards (on the sides, temples) somewhat over the years of post-puberty and adulthood which caused my forehead to widen. It is not very obvious or serious and I still feel that my hair looks good and has healthy growth. The people that know me my whole life have made their comments and told me to be careful with my hair and washing it too much or using too much gel because my hair might stop growing as thick and looking as healthy as it does. I researched and figured out that putting gel or washing it really doesn't have anything to do with hair thinning and that it's all the DHT(hormone) which thins the hair. I went and spoke with a doctor who took a close look at my hair, scalp, and hairline and said that surgery would be out of question hands down. He wasn't too fond of Rogaine either which left propecia only. He gave me a prescription and I went and bought a pro-pak which has 90 tables 1mg each. Now I'm on it for about 4 days(every day) but am wondering if I really need this much of this drug to keep my hairline thick or could I take it e.o.d or maybe 3-4 times a week to still have great results. Please give me your best advice, I appreciate your time and concern.

P.S: as far as sides.. when I see a hot girl I can still feel juice rushing to my balls:D, I can pop a legit one:p, I still watch porn and ejaculations seem pretty normal:o. However, I do feel a very very mild pain on the left part of my shaft and have mild leg cramps which last only a few minutes then go away.:confused:

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11-08-2010, 01:46 PM
First you should google the term maturing hairline. it is common in your age group.
Propecia works best for re-growth if the hair loss is recent, It is however very helpful in maintaining the hair you have.
The recommend dosage is 1 mg per day.
Everybody reacts differently to medications so you won't know until you try a smaller amount to see if it works.

11-08-2010, 08:12 PM
I understand the fact that propecia has different effects on everybody. However, in general, for a 23 year old with a relatively maturing (thinning) hair line which isn't too serious, how much of the medication is suggested? Being natural is obviously better than being on any type of medication therefore my question is if it is possible to use a lesser amount of the drug (1mg e.o.d) and still achieve pretty good results? Good results as in.. keep my head full of hair and even grow my hair back on the temples (which have receded very recently, i still see the hairs which have thinned and are small) and strengthen my hair line again.. Any opinion would be appreciated

11-08-2010, 10:51 PM
Definitely get a miniaturization exam from a doctor who knows how to do one. There is a good chance that you are not balding at all and in that case, you should not take Propecia. Most men have their hairline recede a little bit after puberty but this does not mean you are going bald (mine moved back a bit at around 20 to 21, then stopped completely for years). If you do have miniaturization behind the hairline, take the Propecia every day and forget about it. This drug will stop your hair loss unless you have very aggressive genetic MPB. And don't worry about the sides because they are very rare, especially after your body has adjusted to it.

11-09-2010, 05:49 AM
It does not work as well in the hairline even with everyday use
So I doubt at EOD it is going to grow back your hairline.
It will probably just maintain what you have.
Like I said in my last post everyone reacts differently to medications so you might be lucky.

11-11-2010, 12:59 PM
First off I'd like to thank both of you for your responses. I did see a doc who told me "your hair has definitely thinned over the years and is thinning right now as well but not to the point where I would go completely bald(hair loss). He told me that I have thick strong hair growth on the vertex and on top of my head so just the front hair line that has slightly receded and thinned. He said in order to get your actual hair line back (which is still visible due to the little hairs, that have thinned over the years, but still clearly show and aren't completely gone) you can use some type of laser comb or take propecia. He suggested propecia because the comb could be a waste of money since it has not really worked on patients as much as propecia. I'm on the medication for a week now and have not really experienced any side effects, just slight sensations here and there but I guess that's normal and an adjustment of hormone levels. How long does it generally take for your body to adjust to the drug? Plus, after doing some research I found out that propecia (1mg) e.o.d is almost as effective as taking it daily. I am planning on taking it daily until I see my hairline coming back then I'll probably go down to e.o.d to just maintain what I have currently and maintain the results from daily propecia. Please give me your feedback on this thought and any other comments, suggestions, or questions you might have. Thank you!


11-11-2010, 02:45 PM
I still don't think EOD will keep your hairline if you grow it back on 1mg.
Anecdotal tales on line are good but doctors who have been prescribing Propecia
for years encourage the 1mg. dose. The only way you will know if your theory works is to try it. Good luck.