View Full Version : Regeneration

11-06-2010, 09:05 PM
I'm a guy in his late 20s with receding hairline. I m using Dermmatch at the moment with good results as it covers/masks/veils the thinning hair look. ( I have no intention of going on propecia and messing with my hormones, I'm focusing more my energy on getting fit so I don't want to play with testosterone or libido)

fortunately I'm lucky in other departments however, as I'm quite tall, fit and when I shave my head to No1 or 2 on the clipper I have symetric, ok looking head and I actually don't mind the intimidating look. Again dermmatch helps by cover the the thinning hairline on my scalp and I recommend it to anyone and it holds well against water.

I m quite interested in undergoing a hair transplant in the future when using dermmatch would not be an option and am quite excited about regenerative medicine.

have a nice week.