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11-03-2010, 06:30 PM
Hi everyone.

Let me first say that the reason I am here tonight is that I saw a commercial for Biothera, and being the skeptic that I am did a bit of research and.. ended up on these great forums. And... I am so incredibly glad I found this place.

I just turned 26 years old last month. I have been experiencing significant thinning on the crown, and receding hair line for about the last 4 years. Currently, I am taking the 1/4 pill of Proscar on a (mostly) daily basis, and it SEEMS to be at the very least slowing down the thinning.

In my natural panic, about 1 year ago when it started to become painfully obviously that I would no longer be able to effectively hide it... I ran as fast as I could to a H.T clinic. Had two consultations (one 5 minute one where he told me my hair was too short to diagnose, and a 2nd 15 minute one where 2 minutes were spent on my head, and 13 minutes on financing options...), and the doctor immediately recommended 1500 grafts (roughly $6000). I thank my lucky stars on a daily basis that I did not sign up on the spot (even though I wanted to.. so badly). After reading countless threads on this website, it is clear to me that H.T surgery is an absolute last resort, and there are other options to consider (other than Biothera..) before going under the knife. Through my high school days and even early post secondary school, I had an amazingly thick head of hair. Even my hair dresser (who I don't see anymore because I am forced to shave my head) constantly told me that I had hair so thick it was hard to work with. And then one day... it was all over.

So I want to offer a sincere, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to all of you who have shared your stories here, and have surely helped countless men and women make a proper decision. Your stories, while I am sure are not easy to share... are a plethora of information to those of us who are new to the disease that is hair loss.

I was once told by a nurse friend of mine that anti-heartburn pills such as Zantac can actually increase hair loss... I notice there are quite a few doctors and assistants patrolling these forums... is there any truth to this?? I only ask because for many years I was taking a LOT of pills like Zantac (ranitadine) for heartburn issues, before I was turned onto Rabeprazole which has honestly changed my life.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, and I cannot wait to learn more from this great website. Thank you for taking the time to host and mediate this website.

With great thanks,