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11-01-2010, 04:51 PM
Hello everyone. I have recently become a member on HTN and posted a question about my hair loss treatment and transplantation. The guys over there were extremely kind, but everyone gave me the answer I didnt looked for... they all said I do not need to get hair transplant now as it will look weird later, so that means I should go completely bald and then consider it, which i wouldnt like tbh. I was also said to have good look with bald head, which is a compliment, but I really dont find it any easier as I am really bothered by this problem. So i decided to seek a second opinion here. I will post my original message here, but I would also like to kindly ask everyone here to point me to a good hair transplant clinic/doctor which will do good job for me regardless of my age. And to answer before someone asks, no i didnt taken propecia, especially as I cannot get it in my country, plus i saw it has some side effects, but i would take it probably if i could get it. So here is my message from HTN:

Hello to everyone here. I was watching this site for several days and now decided to join. I must say I didnt expected at my age to be joining hair loss forum but what can you do?

I would like to ask for advice. I am 22 years old who started losing hair 2 years ago. I suspect i am genetically prone to hair loss since my father and late grandfather both had same issue. I have decided to go with hait transplant soon, and since I am from eastern europe can someone please suggest good hair transplant surgeon? Or yet, best if someone can tell me more about Transmed clinic in Turkey? Since I have contacted them and they gave me some very nice price for fut hair transplant, but I have seen few not so good results on this web so if someone can give me advice about them i would greatly appreciate it. Also, my second choice would be Dr. Muttilap Kesser and his FUE method. I saw some excellent results from this doctror, if someone can tell me more again.... I would opt for 3000 grafts transplant, since i was reccomended so.

And I have few questions:

- Regarding my situation, which method is best choice for me FUT or FUE?
- I am a little bit worried about scar that FUT leaves... people from Transmed have shown me a photo with very small 1.5mm scar which is perfectly covered with donor area, but can someone tell me would that mean that I can't buzz my donor area short until the rest of my life?
- Can my remaining natural hair on top be maintained with some drugs after i do the transplant as obviously i dont want to lose anymore hair after it?

Thanx, that would be all for now.

Best regards,

PS: I have attached one photo of particular result from Transmed clinic (which was arround 2500 grafts) that I liked very much, and asked people from Transmed clinic is there a chance I would get result like that they said it is possible I will get even better result. I would love this to be truth as I used to have hair like this What do you guys think? Every opinion counts for me

11-01-2010, 05:18 PM
i haven't heard of the clinic. don't rush into anything and don't let anyone cut on you who isn't recommended by the iahrs.