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10-28-2010, 08:25 AM
Mission: Share with readers my experience with Propecia over the next one or two years in order to give someone considering using the drug another unbiased experience.

Background:I am a 23 year old male, I have no known health issues, I am in good shape (I workout 6 days a week and have a very healthy diet), I currently have no known sexual issues (I have been monitoring sex drive and erection strength over the past two weeks to give myself a baseline starting point), I take a multivitamin and omeprazole (acid reflux medication) daily.

Leading Up To This Point: About 2 months ago I noticed my hair was thinning on my crown; it started to look as if my colic was getting larger. At that point I went through the normal progression: spent about 2 weeks trying to convince myself I wasn't thinning, then I went to see my dermatologist (who I do not think was an expert on the hair loss subject, first thing he said was "you could try rogaine") he told me it didn't look my hair was thinning too bad and he said i was negitive for the "pull test" ,however, he wrote me a prescription for propecia because he said knew my hair better than anyone else. At this point I still wasn't convinced I should start taking the drug, over the next 3 weeks I spent countless hours on the internet reading as much as I could on propecia, peoples stories, and hair loss in general.

Current Mindset Regarding Propecia: After researching for what feels like 1000 hours I feel I have a fairly realistic expectation of the risks versus the rewards. It is clear that these sexual side effects do effect a certaihn number of men taking the drug maybe it is not as low as the 2% that Merck saw in their study but, it still seems to be pretty low maybe somewhere closer to 5%-7%, and if you do have these side effects you can stop talking the drug and the effects will go away. In all honesty it seems like people should be more worried about if the medication will actually work on them (83% effective - wont work for 17% of people). Not to mention people take medication for all types of issues and in general the side effects for other drugs are much worse and more frequent, but people do not hesitate to use these because they are not "vanity drugs". Anyways that is how I have justified it in my head that I should try Propecia.

Current State Today: Early stages of thinning. I have some hair miniaturization on the crown and some minor thinning on the frontal top part of the scalp (not really visually noticeable). All in all I have not lost a great deal of hair yet, but I want to stop the thinning before it gets worse.

Expectations: Stop the thinning from progressing further, hoping to keep the hair I have at least till I am 30ish

10-28-2010, 08:30 AM
Taking my first pill today. Bought Finpecia (generic propecia) from a reputable Canadian online pharmacy. Plan to take the pill everyday at 8 P.M.

I will give monthly updates of my progress and ad-hoc posts if anything of note occurs during the treatment.

10-28-2010, 08:40 AM
Good luck.

10-29-2010, 03:12 AM
cool, try not think too much about it and let time pass;)