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10-18-2010, 09:38 AM
Hair dresser anxiety

It took me years to find a hair dresser/ barber i felt comfortable disclosing my HT journey to in order for them to actually help me by advising the best way to get the most out of my haircut.

Previously i would go into random barbers filled with dread, waiting the inevitable question... " you had some work done here then?"

Never or rarely returning to the same place more than once out of sheer embarrassment. I am sure many HT repair guys can relate.

It used to crusify me in all honesty even in the early stages of hairloss. I would forever feel unworthy,very vulnerable and down right pathertic infront of these strangers. This anxiety only got amplified after my poor HT's - It was only after i got repaired that the dread of the barbers lifted as it became pretty much impossible for even a barber to clock id had any work, however if i had my time again (regardless of the mistakes i made ).. I would have tried to find a barber i felt i could disclose my situ and hairloss fears to openly and hoenstly to save the anxiety evey time "hair cut day " came.

Finding a barber you feel comfortable with is important even in the early stages of hairloss as they can help monitor and help advise on the best cut for you rather than just sitting there in sheer fear and silence.

I should have stuck with one i found early on in the process (the barber i go to now) and not felt so ashamed of my situation and bounced around different ones. I wish i had just had a quiet word with one hair dresser and come out with situ and explained i required help.

Food for thought as establishing a good relationship with just one barber/hairdresser is important. They can support you and take the fear out of getting a hair cut and it can save a lot of anxiety in the long run, in my opinion


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10-19-2010, 07:22 AM
My advice is find a barber who themselves are bald. They get it and don't see wanting to make some sort of style out of your remaining hair unreasonable.

My cousin is a bald hairdresser. I've always wondered what that must be like though. I can't imagine many diabetics running a sweet shop!