View Full Version : GQ's "The Most Powerful Bald Men In America"

10-16-2010, 12:33 AM
Little inspiration for all you guys


Fixed by 35
10-19-2010, 04:18 AM
Okay, a few points worth making:

1) Most of them are quite old. It's socially acceptable to be 50 and bald whereas it is perceived as socially aggressive to have a shaved head under the age of about 30. That's the problem; you can list 100 inspiring bald men, just not ones who are role models for young people. Thus, if you lose hair at 20 like a lot of us on this site, these so called role models are often older than our fathers and fail to inspire at all! People always say Bruce Willis, but I think he's about twice my age! People like Vin Diesel and Stratham, ugly meat heads anyway, if you ask me, easily have a decade on me.

2) Building on my first point, a lot of these people found success, then went bald. That's the easy way around. It's far harder to go bald then find success without fighting a barrage of shallow prejudice. Baldness would be crap at any age, but I think it would be tolerable if I was 47 rather than 27.

3) Some of the people on the list just shave their heads and aren't actually bald, which means they really struggled to make a mere 100. On top of that, many are sportsmen and are thus in the one field where it is hard to be discriminated against.

4) Most of the men on the list are ugly. Those who aren't tend to be African American (I've always thought being bald is a lot easier when you haven't got a pink scalp that looks like an egg).

So, I'm afraid this merely confirms my fears rather than inspires me.