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10-14-2010, 06:44 PM
Hey guys,

Hoping to get some advice from the old geezers. Usually I post on ************ but thought i'd give this place a go - x

Basically to sum up my story.....


Year 1 - Nizoral 2%, Revivogen, Propecia (mixed doses... started at 1mg then to 0.25 then 0.5)

Year 2 - Nizoral 1%, Men's Multivitamin, Propecia 1MG, Rogaine (temples & 3 spots on my crown)


I've been thinking about DROPPING ROGAINE & using DR Lee's Spiro instead.... Here is my reasons...

Theory / My uneducated oppinion - > Please comment

My thoughts on rogaine... Basically it's proven that it helps the hair loss process by simply pushing the hair to the surface.... Obviously has no interaction with dht etc - its simply a growth stimulant.

With that in mind... isn't it also true that humans only have a certain number of growth cycles? If hairloss and shedding occurs with a male / they notice they have thin hair - they use rogaine. But wouldn't it simply speed up the cycle bringing the final hairs cycles to the forefront earlier - therefore appearing like you have more hair only to realise in a few years your last cycles were prematurely forced. Which is why it people good results for a while but then it wears off? If one was to not have used it mabye they would have had a longer period with hair, but not as thick or growing as quickly?

I've been thinking about this because I don't think rogaine has really helped me :

Temple - I can't say for the year I've been using I've seen much regrowth on my temples of new hairs... if anything the hair around where my temples are is thicker allowing for the hair to hang down abit.

Crown - Seems like my crown thinning is more apparent on the areas where ive been applying rogaine. One of my close friends used rogaine all over his head and within 12-16 months hes hair just turned thin all over - which makes me think of the cycles being brought foward earlier... speeding up the rate of thinning.

So now my question is... shall I give up rogaine and use sprio???

I've just got a gut feeling everybody is wrong about the minoxodil business.


Thanks for reading any response is appreciated.

10-14-2010, 10:58 PM
I know Spencer Kobren suggests sticking with the basics, meaning Propecia or Proscar and only adding Rogaine if you think Propecia is not working for you. How long have you been using it.? The problem is if you stop Rogaine too fast you will lose some hair. Why are you using so many products?

10-14-2010, 11:45 PM
thanks for the reply. I'm not using that much.... See below... the year 1 stuff, i dropped revivogen.

been on rogaine about a year....

*note... not on revivogen anymore.... year 2 is different...

Year 1 - Nizoral 2%, Revivogen, Propecia (mixed doses... started at 1mg then to 0.25 then 0.5)

Current Regime :

Nizoral 1%, Men's Multivitamin, Propecia 1MG, Rogaine (temples & 3 spots on my crown)

Its just hard to know whether the thin hairs on my crown and top of head are a result of minox or not. my hair was prity thick on top but i started applying rogaine to tiny bald spot - plus another thinning area on the other side which still had hair... im finding both areas are thinner and hard to style. they feel different in my hand to other hair on my head. But mabye that thinning was happening naturally anyway in which case, a topical like spiro would be good to actually deal with the problem - > and drop minox.

If that makes sense?


10-15-2010, 09:27 AM
Oh okay, I see. There are a lot of people who say that Rogaine actually thinned their hair out, which is one reason I think Kobren tells people to reserve it if Propecia does not work as well as they would like. There's a lot of talk about topical spiro on other forums, but I'm not sure if I ever read of anyone really doing too well on it . I always read that people seem to drop it after a while, but it could be worth a try. I would not drop Rogaine cold turkey if I were you. If you plan on stopping, do it slowly over time.