View Full Version : Dr. Arocha - 3356 FUT, patient transformation

10-14-2010, 11:37 AM
This patient came in to the office recently after having his hair restoration procedure done by Dr. Arocha a few years ago. Patient had initially undergone a procedure with another clinic and was less than satisfied with the results. He continued to hide under his toupee which gave him a lot of hair on the top of his head but of course couldn't provide a natural result or the framing of his temples. For his second procedure, he did a lot more research and made the decision to go with Dr. Arocha. In December of 2007, Dr. Arocha performed a 3356 FUT procedure on him. The patient is very happy with his results after his procedure at Arocha Hair Restoration. It is also interesting to note the further improvements in his physique, as is often observed once the benefits of having hair restoration are experienced. Patients often go on to seek further improvements that lead to very positive health benefits and further rejuvenation. Not to mention increased self-esteem and confidence.