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10-07-2010, 07:12 PM
I have been wearing a system now since i was 26yrs old i am now 42 and i want to be done with it. I am leaning towards shaving it clean.Its more in these days then when i was younger. I was a 80s teen where hair was the most important thing next to breathing.Now most guys young and old are shaving it.I find its tough on the pocket,time conssuming when going to get serviced it looks good for about the first two wks and then i am wearing a hat. There are people out there who can tell i am wearing one but are kind not to say anything but i know they know.My wife says i should let go of it too but then i always think of the people in my life that don,t know iam wearing one.It would be just as much shock for people i know to see me bald as it was when i put a system on 18yrs ago. A lot of guys i knew from my younger years have let life take its course and are now bald or balding and seem ok with it and some of them had a lot of hair when they were younger. Any thoughts out there. Need help.

10-07-2010, 07:59 PM
First and foremost, I can certainly feel your pain and anxiety. It is never easy to deal with hair loss. I honestly feel that we should do everything we can to feel good about ourselves. Whether that translates to wearing a hair piece, applying dermatch/toppik, whatever. It sounds as though you are not ready to accept ditching the "system" yet. My advice is thus to maintain your regiment for the interrum. You'll know when the time comes for you to "shave it clean." Until you're absolutely certain, do whatever you can to feel comfortable with your appearance. I am basically in your identical situation. At times, I am tempted to just cut everything off and no longer have to deal with it. However, I haven't reached this point 100% yet. It seems like you haven't either.

Best of luck to you. You'll make the right decision.