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10-04-2010, 02:50 PM
Hi I know this forum is for those using stuff to try combat hair loss I have been too scared sadly to do somthing about my hairloss.I posted a few topics on here one 5 months ago and one 11 months ago I was just curious to how my hairloss has progressed despite taking no action what norwood am i at ect thanks

heres the thread from 10/11 months ago

and here 5 months ago

and now
http://c.imagehost.org/t/0875/i.jpg (http://c.imagehost.org/view/0875/i)

I know the lighting is different in the pictures I tried to get them as close as possible the newest one looks a bit flattering to me personally since I have notices alot of peach fuzz around my receding hairline.I would love to start meds to keep what I have now if that was possible but im a really bad anxiety sufferer and I know I would drive myself crazy with worry if i took anything.

10-04-2010, 04:44 PM
We sound like we're in the same boat. I'm 28 and have been receding since I was about 24, even though it didn't really become evident to me that I was receding then till I looked back in pics. I guess when I was 27 I really started to notice. My hair loss is only in the temple region and I too have some peach fuzz in the temple region plus the hair in this area seem to be growing at different angle than it use too.

I bit the bullet and bought a drug called Provillus. I got a years worth and never got through the first bottle. Stuff didn't agree with me at all. It kept me up a night and made my felt anxious.

So I vowed not to put anything in my system. I am fairly well off and don't mind losing a few bucks to find something that works. So I'm from the Toronto area and found a Low level laser Treatment facility, they combine the laser treatment three times a week for half and hour and the Revivogen scalp treatment and shampoo and conditioner. I'm not sure if its working but I will try it for six months. I started August 1st. As of right now I'd say my hair loss has slowed and maybe even thicking up a bit. Might be a option for you instead of putting something in your system.

That being said if this doesn't work I will be popping the pills myself just not Provillus.