View Full Version : quitting minox and started using propeshia

10-03-2010, 07:28 PM
I suffer from difusse thinning hair and was using regaine 5%. Due some readings here I decided to use propeshia so I bought it (1 mg a day) and stopped using minox. About the four month using only propecia I noticed my hair getting thinner, was this caused due the fact i abruptually stopped using minoxidil? I read that I should quit minox so dratically that I should use it for 6 more months, is this right? If so, does anyone has an estimated time until my hair stops shedding? meaning propecia takes over minox? Im 25 years old...

Fixed by 35
10-04-2010, 02:54 AM
You really ought to use both all the time. And a shampoo with ketoconzole like Revita too.

The three, working together, are essential really. Propecia to kill the bastard DHT, Minoxidil to lengthen the telogen phase and ketoconzole to bolster up minoxidils effectiveness. Or something like that.