View Full Version : long, fine, straight hair. is a HT possible?

10-01-2010, 10:27 AM
Hello comrades, I've been reading these forums for several months and finally decided to join the discussion.

I'm a 33 year-old male, with very fine, straight shoulder-length hair, parted down the center (think of jesus' hair). The thinning started in my mid/late 20's and now at age 33 I'm a solid norwood 3 with deep temple recession. The hairline itself is a very steep V shape. Again, I wear my hair long with a part in the center and these days when any of my frontal hair falls forward it exposes big gaps in the temple region. It is very important to me to wear my hair longish as I would look absolutely terrible with short cropped hair or a bald head.

So I've been investigating the FUT/FUE procedures but I never see any photos of people who wear their hair like I do so I'm not sure if a HT would work for me. I actually have started looking more at female HT photos because I never see men on these site with long stringy hair.

Is a HT even an option for me? Can anyone directly me to a thread or patient with a similar situation?

Any and all help greatly appreciated. Thank you.

10-01-2010, 10:50 AM
It is definitely possible to perform hair transplantation on people with fine hair. Typically though, you would require more grafts and probably two sessions to get adequate coverage. (Two sessions assuming you stabilize your hair loss to prevent further thinning....)

I have quite fine hair that's pretty straight and shoulder length (I'm female :p) and have had two hair transplants. I'm waiting for the second one to grow in (I'm at just over 5 months now.) My goal was to fill in my frontotemporal recessions, which I was born with, and lower my front hairline a smidge.

What colour is your hair? Lighter hair does not usually require as many grafts as darker hair as the contrast between your hair colour and scalp colour is not as great. Mine is quite dark brown so that didn't work to my advantage. However, the hairline does quite nicely when fine hair is used.

10-01-2010, 11:15 AM
Hi Plum thanks for the reply, my hair is light brown, almost dirty blond colored. But the way I wear my hair doesn't really expose the actual hairline unlike the many men I see on these forums who comb their hair straight back or up. This pick of Jesus actually is a very accurate comparison to how my hair looks:

But with my deep temporal recession it's getting quite hard for me to pull off this look. Any forward movement by my frontal hair reveals big awkward bald spots in the temples... :(