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09-28-2010, 10:00 AM
just had second PRP treatment yesterday(sept 27) in Lajolla ca with Dr.yarmann.I had such good results 1st time and heard about people even having better results having treatment done in shorter time spans...Heres hoping!

heres why; 1- much better quality with existing hair.
2-ever since hair loss began my scalp is always slightly itchy and yes tried everything dandruff shampoos to nizoral(which does help most) but the prp seems to just get rid of it!
3- I even got ever so slightly new hair growth in front of scalp where I havent had any growth in years!

Ive had 3 h/t procedures in 15 years 1 terrible and 2nd ok 3rd done in feb 2010 and jury still out...some areas dont look as good as id like...These were all done by supposedly the best in buiss..

If I had same technology that i have today I would of had prp 1st and waited to get hair in best possible shape than FUEs done...It would of saved allot of coin and allot of recovery(coin) allot of heartache!

If you do get PRP and have old scar from strip..? have dr put some of prp injections in scar. i noticed 1st one helped allot!

Good Luck!

Dr. Glenn Charles
09-30-2010, 08:42 PM
Thanks for the information. I will consider that when doing PRP treatments on patients with bad scarring from prior hair transplant procedures. When I perform a hair transplant on a patient that has a scar from a previous surgery and they are also getting PRP I would still prefer to remove the scar and inject the PRP into the new donor wound before suturing.