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09-22-2010, 06:29 PM
Hello, I'm 25 and recently noticed hair loss. I was really stressed out due to overloading my schedule with things and after a while of this I noticed hair falling out by the root when I would shower. This continued for a couple weeks and then stopped. I was hoping it was stress related and that the hair would regrow, but after about 3 months of no change I gave up on that hope. Reading about balding on the internet would only stress me out, but I would do it anyway.

After researching things I found out about how rogain and propecia work, and I also heard about saw palmetto. I tried the over the counter saw palmetto first because it was easily accesible and it worked to at least to reduce my stress as I could finally do something. I noticed that it did have an effect on me, (my jizz was more watery) but I didnt keep taking it long enough to see if it did anything for my hair.

After a while I finally went to the doctor, had a blood test done to see if it was thyroid or diet related and got a prescription for propecia. Definitely not diet related according to the blood test. (I saw nothing on the blood work printout regarding thyroid hormones though) I workout regularly, dont smoke, drink infrequently, and am in general great shape.

I filled my prescription for propecia and am now taking it daily.

I always used to comb my hair with hair gel, until about two years ago when my brother showed me murrays pomade. -- This stuff is like hair wax, you put it in your hair, and you can spike it like a rock star, but it is near impossible to get out. (I would just shower and use the wax that didnt come out to style it again)

I bought one tin of murrays and after running out switched over to a black container version of sportin waves, which is a softer pomade that comes out easier. (I think this stuff is made for black people's hair) Since losing my hair I've come to question these products and noticed that they have mineral oil in them, which is supposedly really bad for hair, but I'm not sure if these could have contributed/caused my hair loss.

I can still look like a rock star using the sportin waves thing with my thinned hair, but I have been not using any product in my hair anymore to rule out any possible contributing factors. (I have dirty blonde curly hair that hides my scalp well when dry) I cant use hair gel anymore because it causes my diffuse hair to clump together making me look *really* bad.

So that's where I'm at now. I am self concious about my hair, (I check my hair everytime I see a mirror in a bathroom) but I am now becoming more accepting of it when it does look bad. I know a shaved head can look good, I see bartenders with shaved heads who are much cooler than I'll ever be, but I like my hair.

My dad has the same pattern of balding, but according to my mom his hair loss didnt happen until he was 30. So here's to hoping propecia will grow some back.

11-03-2010, 04:16 PM
Little update, about 2/3 through my second month refill. I'm not losing hair, but I cant really say that I see a great increase in anything. Lately I have regained my sex drive, but today I had an extremely bad case of "brain fog". (I've had mild cases before, took me a while to realize it was propecia doing it.)

It's an interesting side effect that prevents me from focusing on things. I can drive and socialize fine, but doing anything that requires focus like math would be near impossible. -- I'm not to worried about it I guess, because I assume it's some temporary effect due to a lack of dht, but if it became permanent it would completely ruin my life. Even right now I have to make an effort to think. I probably will skip my pill tonight as I really need to get things done tomorrow after getting nothing productive accomplished today.