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09-15-2010, 07:40 AM
Does anyone know a web site called www.hair4head.com? I did a Google for toupees and came across this site.

All the toupees look greasy and one pictures claims to look realistic, but the scalp is a brown color on a white man! :eek: Have a look..

The people who runs this site have put lots of grease on the hair because it's probably dull and stiff hair without it. But they've put too much grease on and what about the scalp being a different color? :D

I'd rather be bald as a billard ball than wear those awful toupees.


09-16-2010, 10:11 PM
Oh well, I stand corrected!

09-21-2010, 01:21 PM
I am the owner of hair4head.com and would just like to say that the particular picture, said to be "greasy", is just over gelled:D..the lace is also superfine swiss lace which is transparent in colour and is not brown or any other colour.The hair is also the best remi hair and is very soft and of the highest quality.
I am not here to advertise i have just heard about this post and am here to clarify that all our hair systems can compete or surpass the best hair replacement systems out there for both quality and standard of hairline etc
This post is a bit unfair as the poster is obviously oblivious to our high reputation in the uk.I do not really want to come on any forums really but i felt i had to defend this unfair post.
best regards, j.

09-22-2010, 09:30 AM
The pictures do look terrible. Why donít you just take better pictures without the grease and the terrible lighting if your hair pieces are so good?

09-24-2010, 09:58 AM

While we had hoped to not have to bring this situation to light, your continued harassment via email has forced us to inform the public of what has been going on.

This is the owner (Jon) of hair4head.com’s latest email:

I was originally informed of the negative thread about my company by a customer of mine who who told me he had entered a post with a postive light on my business.
He has informed me today that you have deleted his post yet you are happy to "not delete" negative posts with regard to my company.
I presume you don't like advertising or have an affilliation with other hair companies? yet the thread regarding our business was not posted by us as you are aware.
If you are deleting one post(my customer) you have to delete them all.it seems that you are happy to put my business in a bad light thus you keep the bad comments and delete the good ones. All this has been noted. the deletion of postive posts for my company stands out a mile. there has been no impartiality here.

You must note in terms of advertising there has been none on our companies part.that's the bottom line and to delete a post by a customer of mine is totally wrong as the whole thread gives a negative image when that wasn't the case.
I'd advise you to delete the post today or put the other postive comments back.
This is affecting my business.

The supposed client you are referring to signed up as not one person, but TWO different users. Duplicate accounts are cause for immediate removal from the forum . One has to ask themselves why a person would sign up for 2 accounts and post on the same thread as though they were 2 different people, one acting as an existing client and one acting as a potential client.

To avoid further confusion on this matter, the two users who where in fact the same individual posting from the same IP address, are "huntforhair," and "toolongincap" Both accounts were immediately banned with post removal once this deceptive act was identified.

Immediately after the user "Gusto" posted his opinion on an image he found on your website, the conversation went like this.

toolongincap (duplicate poster 1): i just received a custom one from them in five weeks!! and i have to say it has the best hairline i have seen!!! i have used all the internet companies and these guys have sold me the best system i have every had.At last i have found a decent company i think they are based in the uk????...the hair quality is top notch and so soft.i have had hd and toplace but this is the best i have had.

Gusto (original thread starter): Oh well, I stand corrected!

toolongincap (duplicate poster 1): Hi mate, The base is totally transparent on mine its transpareny superfine swiss lace ..I think their website shows the lace but my story is a long one ..I have had them all..first was a hair club and it was horrendous,then I moved on to hair direct and their bases were actually brown and the hair went dry after two weeks!!they were 400 pounds a pop..I did toplace and every system was different hair quality and some I got either had unbleached knotts or were way too thick..its all a pain mate..please can you tell me the name of the china factory I can go to thall be great!
I have done a load of them but its hard to find a really good one..
A gay guy on the net told me about hair4head.com and raved about them so I though what the hell and 225 was a nice price so I took the plunge and am happy (for now)..

huntforhair (duplicate post 2, meaning this is the same person posting as "toolongincap"): hi, the pics look really good!!! does anyone know the prices for a partial?the gelled look is exactly what i like ..i just looked at the website and the hairlines are the best i have seen..i wonder they are korean pieces rather than chinese..because i have heard korean have better venting methods.i am impressed

toolongincap (duplicate poster 1): yes i think they do whatever you want even fullcaps..i dread the day i wear a full cap but even the full caps are lower in price than most..i remeber when i was at hairdirect i got charged £30 at my door on the day by ups..so it ended up being £400 ..TWICE the price i am paying at hair4head..and these are leagues above..they look similar to a good toplace but trouble with toplace was that every system i bought varied ALOT...and they were never consistent with knott bleaching..ihad been doing this quite a while so i know the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when i find it..i hope hair4head is it hehe

huntforhair (duplicate poster 2): i just got an email back from them with some pics of their partials and they look REALLY good!!!they said they would do me one as a rush order !!!what is an i-lace?? does anyone know ? i saw they sell i-lace? but i will st art off with a superfine swiss lace one first as i am told they are the best bases in the world?

The postings were looking quite suspicious so further investigation occurred, it was then easily identified that this entire conversation was happening with one individual pretending to be two, confirmed by direct IP matches.

Why would you think that we would allow this type of forum abuse and misrepresentation to continue? Not to mention the bashing of other known reputable hair replacement companies. Is this a client or is it a potential client? Since we now know that this was the same person posting under both accounts, one might begin to wonder if it was perhaps someone with a more vested interest in the company who was making these fake posts.

We allowed you to come onto the forum and make a post to state your position on the matter, yet you continue to send email after email. Gusto has stated an opinion, that is all that is, and had your "client" signed up for only ONE account, his posts would not have been removed and he would not have been banned.

Hopefully that clarifies things for you. While in most cases we keep this information confidential and don't post publically when users, and owners of companies are caught posting under multiple accounts, in this situation, you appear to not have a clear understanding of what has transpired, and now the positive postings which you reference in your email, can be seen by all users. We did not place your company in a bad light like you claim in your email, in fact it was this “Client” and your continued email harassment that has done just that. Everyone can decide for themselves exactly what transpired in this situation.