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09-12-2010, 10:05 AM
hey my name is nick and im 25, i just recently got a HT and it was 2200 grafts costing around 10grand. its been 12 days so far and these are the pics to show the update and change so other guys can make better decisions of what they want to do...but because its been a short time obviously theres still alot of unanswered questions of whats in stored for me.

i will be taking my stitches out today and i have a couple of bald spots on the back of my head but those arent natrual, i was wearing hair for a good year and half and my mom (the hair designer) used cables to tie the fake hair to my real and though it was a good foundation (so it doesnt fall off my head) it created bald spots of the hair it pulled out while holding itself down....wearing hair is an option for some but not for me, i hated people figuring if it was fake or not and mygirlfriend NEVER being able to rub her hands through my hair (or head lol) and real hair still growing under it but not being able to wash the real hair so it would have a smell to it.

in the end i havent tried any medications yet and i do plan to soon (propecia) or however its spelled. and iv realized by far i was my worst critic with hair loss, my girl never cared (though she loves hair) but my biggest reason for doing it was because i wanted to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror to see a head full of hair (if this makes sense to anyone else) so even if you get bald jokes, whatever because all those other people have their faults they hate everyday

but instead prevent your hairloss for yourself (or accept it)

oh btw it didnt hurt to have the precedure, during it no pain and they gave me painkillers and sleeping meds which more than did the job for the first few days and after that its a breeze

ok so i decided to add pics of when i wore hair, sometimes i looked like a million dollar man, other times it was the fakest thing ever because color can fade from the fake hair and it can become loose especially if you do alot of water activities and though it was free for me since my mom does hair it would normally cost someone around 60 to 100 bucks a seccesion and to me thats freakin expensive (yes HT was 10grand but its a long term investment compared to 1200$ wigs with 800$ repairs annually) so it was a matter of whats most comfortable for myself in the end

oh and i know i keep adding on but heres the biggest thing, when wearing hair girls were in to win it, they loved seeing that hair right but it was so much worse because they wanted to touch it and 2 things (they cant play with it like real hair and plus now they know its fake on like the first date (depending on how well im doing on the date haha) so if your a single guy its alot of stupid stress to dealing with it (which of course im actually not anymore)

09-12-2010, 10:55 AM
Welcome to the forum thetitan. What a great post! Itís always interesting to hear from guys who have tried both non surgical and surgical hair restoration. You looked very good with the hair system, but I can certainly understand the stress it could cause and the upkeep it must take to keep your hair looking good. From the pictures it looks like you had some good hair transplant work done. Now all you have to do is be patient and wait for the results.
Would you mind telling us who your hair transplant surgeon was?

09-12-2010, 11:47 AM
hey winston, thanks for the welcome! yes im very excited to see where my transplant goes but already enjoying it except the scar, though i dont hate it, its just that it brings attention and coming up with any lie for it is kinda annoying....but i went smoothly from thin hair to wearing hair to shaving hair and having a HT so in the end no one (except my close circle) ever realize iv been losing hair! as long as this HT works out of course

though im totally the new guy for HT i feel im an expert on wearing hair....so for everyone to read heres a few things, one if your going into the wearing hair idea what i did was grow my facial hair out pretty good and grow the hair o my head out...when the day came of putting the wig on i shaved so i went back to work (which wasnt too professional to have that much facial hair) with a nice haircut and clean shave most to everyone wondered if somehow i might have thicker hair but assumed i just "cleaned up" nicely

and then theres ways to wear the hair, you got cables, snaps, glue, and tape. each are very different and can work differently for a person and just like how theres different ways for HT theres different ways to wear a wig not just slapping it on your head

cables can only work for people that have some hair still up there, most guys that are completely bald go the glue or tape route, i suggest tape route because even though you have to change it daily, its best looking of blending the hair into your scalp so you dont have that gap between the hair and your head that snaps and cables can generate when becoming loose over time. but you see those jokes of guys losing their hair with a strong wind or something hitting their head and it flies off or someone else grabs it as a joke? those are tapes, its not the most secure route.

i say all this because some guys have to wear hair and i wish i had some more knowledge before doing it because it was tricky trying to learn it and no one else notice

you are very right about patients winston! and my dr was crawshaw from houston, hes associated with bosley

09-12-2010, 12:12 PM
I am thinking about the Hiar transplant myself. The only reason I'm freaked out about is the cost,the possibility of having to get multiple procedures in 5-10 yrs or so(very expensive!!!), and shockloss(what if i were to lose more native hair and it doesn't grow back cause of the shock), and what if it doesn't work...

What are your thoughts on this because if i were to spend all that $$ and it didn't work or got worse,Id go insane!

09-12-2010, 01:10 PM
hey dgman21!! with anxiety this is the best i can help, the fact is we're going bald and its not gonna get better on its own, so if your worried that it wont give the effects you want, in truth, werent you already not happy with your hair? i wasnt and honestly if it doesnt work out i would just wear hair again or accept the balding because bro thats all we can do after a HT.
as far as gaurentee from shockloss or reverse effects, i would say that no doctor or I can predict how your head would handle the outcome just the best you can do is find a doctor you can trust and have some faith.

now finances are a different thing...in my opinion 10,000 is 10,000...means if you use it to buy a car, or save the world or get a hair transplant then in the end you need to prepare to have 10,000....my major is business and one thing i learned is you only spend the money when you got it set aside, if your avoiding rent to pay for the HT then you got problems so in the end it just may not be the best option for you if you cant afford it...there is loans of course and thats what i did, its gonna be around 200-300 a month for the 10grand but its no interest for 2 years....just make sure you have some credit built up, if you dont make alot of money in life then you build credit, because credit (if used right) can let you get things that you normally could never afford by saving up (like a house).

in the end i dont prepare to have 5 procederes done and i hope that i dont need it cause i cant afford that either lol. but its a good risk, i dont regret it and i think if you keep your expectations resonable then the doctor can achieve them

09-12-2010, 01:14 PM
Titan Thanks for your thoughts. I'm just venting and trying to share with people that have similar issues. I just want to get back to enjoying life and not worrying about hair issues..

09-12-2010, 02:44 PM
i hear ya, its only been 12 days and i know i still got 6 months to go but everyday your looking for results and iv been balding since i was a teenager so i dont ever expect to be one of those guys with a ton of hair on my head but i just want a solid hairline at a decent thickness, is it the best? no but if i dont become comfortable with that then i will go crazy hating my hair and myself

i hope i helped you alot on that deciding factor! my brother freakin studies my hair as much as i do to see what the results are, hes itching to get a HT (his hairline is identical to mine)

09-12-2010, 06:18 PM
Hey titan, your transplant looks like it was very well done and strategically placed for a nice, conservative hairline. I can't wait for you to start seeing results and the hair to start growing in. Being a young hair loss sufferer myself, I'm curious to see what your surgon had to say regarding your young age. My hairloss is not that serious right now, but I feel that when I'm around your age I will be interested in having one. Thanks!

09-13-2010, 12:52 PM
I've never had to wear a hairpiece of any sort, but I can imagine it being a massive relief to be able to ditch it once and for all. Congrats on your transplant, and here's to good growth.

01-10-2011, 01:27 AM
hi thetitans,

could you please update me on your progress? are you happy with the dr. and his work? i'm in houston and looking to get some hair work done. a lot of ppl seem to go outside of texas for their work (atlanta (dr cole), vancouver (hasson and wong), etc.)

feel free to pm me.

thanks man

02-15-2011, 08:26 PM
i wanted to say sorry for my lack of responce after my post, didnt mean to ignore anyone

jman444-thank you!! and the doctor pretty much pounded into my head that i need to take propecia, he was more focused on that than the surgery itself, but he felt i would have good results if i took 1mg propecia daily and had the hair transplant. overall i would say he was optimistic but i took that with a grain fo salt cause of course a doctor would be optimistic when im about to pay him 10g

mattj-thank you as well! yes a hair piece is alot of work if you want to maintain a look far from being noticed as fake, something that can be worth it for most but not for me

texans-hey man, yes i am pleased so far with the results, but i do hope to have better within the next few months and will still probably get another HT just to ensure the hairline is as dense as it can be. i have added a few pics to show the difference in a few months time. i had the surgery sept 1st, the first couple are about 2 months amd a couple weeks, alittle before thanksgiving

and then its down the line till about now which is 5 and half months....lets hope i can have some much better updates a few more months from now.

02-15-2011, 08:42 PM
for some reason it didnt load a couple of pics so i added another post so you guys have a few more to see

02-15-2011, 11:34 PM
Congrats. I did around 2600 grafts and am on day 4 post op. My pics basically look like your pics.

I wish you well.