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kathy schinner
12-12-2008, 04:45 PM
Dr. Redmond

I'm wondering if spironolactone might work for me if I have very high dhea which they can find no reason for. I have had all the test. My hair has been falling out for 1.5 years after a stress incident which first started my head itching and getting red with almost no dandruff but lots of hair loss. My scalp is not oily so it's not like the usual dermitits. I used steroids and ketaconazole shampoo for over a year but condition still persist. Had so many test and the only thing off is very high dhea=1200 and low vitamin d which I am now supplementing. Any input would be of the greatest help. my endicrinologist never heard of spiro for hair loss so he is no help. Wish I could come out to see you.