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09-06-2010, 01:24 AM
If you have a family history of norwood 6 and are younger and norwood 3 shouldnt a Doctor suggest no HT... Why delay the inevitable or have great hair for five - ten years and then thin out and look like a 40 year old super thin comb over guy

Can the younger guys in their 20s even 30s really grasp the concept of the master plan worse case scenario

09-06-2010, 09:15 AM
NateDog, your question is a good one. Many young guys do not realize that when they get a transplant in their 20's, they will likely have a bad situation in five or ten years.

The problem for these younger patients is that more of their native hair is lost around and behind the transplanted hairs. Then they have the need for repeated "repair" procedures.

The answer? If you are young, Don't Do It.

09-06-2010, 12:33 PM
Hey Dontdoit

Since you have had hair transplants do you have a web blog with photos of your transplant and continuing loss (like a before happy and now moment). When did you get your transplants and how many have you had

Do you wear a hair system now (why would or wouldnt you choose that option)

I guess the above question relates to alot of guys in the fact that they probably have tried the shave look or low buzz cut and really do not look good at all and in this case they have chosen not to get over it and seek other routes (whether it be HT or hair system)

Realistically even though I am not holding my breathe I think most here would be hopeful Histogen makes history and can bring something to the market that is a viable solution that is less invasive then FUT and FUE

09-06-2010, 12:52 PM
NateDog, no I don't have a web blog of my "before and afters." If I get some time, I will put one together, though I do not have any decent "befores" and I am not going to ask my surgeon for some.

I had my hair transplant--the biggest mistake of my life--in 2004. I have the usual strip scar. I also have a pluggy-looking hairline. I have not gone for a repair procedure because the plugginess is mostly noticed by me. My wife says that it is just not bad enough to require a repair procedure, and of course, she is my boss:).

09-06-2010, 01:07 PM

I do not think anyone doubts your distress and disgust at the Hair Transplant industry but do you think that your result while you think it looks horrible another guy would jump for joy over your result

I just think this forum needs guys like you to atleast put a realistic check in the minds of guys who are wanting to take a leap of faith into a procedure but it has to be in the more constructive way. Do they realise the scar and not being able to buzz low or do you realise your hair characteristics or what if you became a norwood 5 or 6 are you prepared to look like some of the before and after photos of those norwood levels at age 35-40 (worse case scenarios)

Those are the things that are trucking through my head

Like I know Hair Systems get such a bad wrap anywhere in the world hence why I would only wear one in silence and understand they do require so much upkeep so am hesitant on that front. By in large if you go to a professional chain you are able to get a natural looking one.

Why can you not shave your head and just wear your scar as a scar of war. You seem like a very strong type of guy to be on here voicing your opinion I have seen many guys on other shaved forums sporting the scar shaved and all and just deal with it and move on

09-06-2010, 03:00 PM
It's not so easy to shave of your hair and deal with the scar. You spend years improving your hair situation, laughing it off or styling it with friends and loved ones when they mention your hair has got better and then to shave it off and show everyone you have been living a lie for the last however many years just isn't right.

I started my fue work when I was 27 and I'm now 30 and have had 4 procedures in total. I couldn't buzz my hair right down because when I did during my last procedure I noticed how bad the white scarring was.

It all boils down to one thing if your young and require a ht and that is if you honestly believe there will be a breakthrough one day.

I'm now 30, have a good head of hair but boy o boy am I ****ed if I have to come of propecia or of it stop working. There isn't a day I dnt think about this. On a good day I go through a few hours not thinking about it but the worry is always there eating me up inside

09-06-2010, 03:09 PM
That is true morelocks I agree you cannot just shave it off especially if you have a very large ear to ear scar (30cm like most guys) and especially if you didnt tell friends or family I guess its the same as a hair system if you decide one day to take it off its obvious everyone will be shocked

In terms of FUE did or how low can you shave before those white dots became noticeable and where did you get your work done by. Can you buzz it to a number 2 like they say and not see much.

Shaving your head takes real guts and you need thick skin if you have a scar of any sort on your head... If you never ever wish to shave then I think a HT is fine especially if you would go naturally anyway without ever buzzing down really low or wear a hair system but again I am not sure if alot of guys have the true stamina to go the distance and one day will find themselves sweating over wanting to just shave and be free

Pray for Histogen

09-06-2010, 05:02 PM
This is a great discussion. I think people have to understand that hair transplant surgery is not a quick fix and takes commitment on the part of the patient. He has to fully understand the risk and be prepared to deal with the worst case scenario. Being flexible and not pinning all of your hopes for a happy future on the success of your transplant is probably the most healthy way to go into it.

09-06-2010, 05:47 PM
Hi Winston

Absolutely I really started this thread to try and make people understand that a hair transplant is really not the solution to all their problems (even if its only about having hair). People have high expectations and naturally they should do but there are also pitfalls with every procedure (scar and further hair loss meaning more procedures)

Put it this way a hair system I believe is a viable solution to those who are absolutely obsessed with having a nice look with hair on top and for those who really do look terrible without hair. I know its not your hair but you have to ask yourself is it about your appearance... Or is it about having your own hair on your head... Also the pitfalls of a hair system what if you are found out and is it a long term solution. Honestly its not a long term in my opinion... but most guys actually further down the track fully just want to shave their heads anyway so there will be a time when (if you do not tell friends and family) you will have to come out about it when you suddenly shave your head to reveal pure baldness (but the upside is when you are ready to do this you will be free)

They talk about price... thirty thousand for hair transplants. I agree if you are a suitable candidate with great donor area and ideal characteristics this is indeed the route I would take. If you have doubts or have a history which shows you are not such a great candidate in the long run (be realistic) - You will never get the results no matter how much money you throw at it. I am under illusions there are guys here that have amazing characteristics and for 20-30k you can get the hair you want and I say pull the trigger and take a chance... Not to mention the cost of Nizarol and vitamins and Propecia or Avodart for the rest of your life add that to the cost. Then hair systems and maintenance for sure its alot of upkeep and cost can get up there... If you are cleaning toilets then sure a few thousand dollars a year is not a good investment. But then you have to weigh up why you are doing it... Is it self confidence in yourself then I believe its worth the investment... If it allows you to get out and enjoy your life then I really think every person needs to make a decision one way or another because this is no way to live your life sitting on forums being a recluse (I am guilty of it to a point I get pretty depressed at times). Whatever you decide to do its a lifetime committment and there will always be road bumps along the way. I always believe tell your closest loved ones what you are doing as this will really alleviate the anxiety of your decisions and will help you not feel so fake. This is a must do

There is so much to think about for each person... I do not endorse getting a HT or a hair system or even shaving your head. Everyone needs to do what they have to do to move on with their lives. I also believe in constructive opinions alot of people on here just rant about their own bad choices and try to make out like it was someone elses fault. Everyone needs to man up and realise we are actually all adults and we brought this all on ourselves

09-06-2010, 06:06 PM
Everyone has to be fully ready whatever they decide

HT - Realise you will need another one there is no doubt (unless you are 70) plus drugs for life. Welcome to reality. Plus alot of guys still use Toppik and concealors to thicken up the hair after a hair transplant to create more fullness. Reality is nobody ever has one transplant and goes on with their lives without ever worrying about their hair

Hair System - You may feel differently in ten years (alot of guys do) after spending thirty grand. There is upkeep and I believe unless you are a very routined person it is better to bite the bullet and get a professional place to clean it and place it for you (even if it costs alot more isnt it worth more to know its done properly)

Shave - Best to buy shares in the head blade company and shaving cream. And also invest in warm hats over winter time

Do nothing - This is by far the best option and that isnt mentally but just health wise. No pills and normal hair cuts. If only we all on here could accept this one we can buy that 69 Mustang