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09-03-2010, 07:00 PM

Just wondering if anyone have feedback on the NHI. I am considering a procudure but cannot find anything on this site regarding the NHI team in Melbourne.

Many thanks

09-03-2010, 09:48 PM
I did a small session with Doctor Russell Knudsen

I am not sure who the NHI in Australia are nor do I know if they are or have great work and more importantly consistent and ethical work

Doctor Knudsen was very empathetic and professional. However he does not do large sessions like you read about on this site... Which is why I offer my opinion in the fact that depending on your loss if you need more then 2000 grafts to provide your desired results you really should look at going overseas to the top shelf Doctors. You do not want to go through multiple small sessions over years as this has a huge impact on your donor availability plus you want to deal with your hair loss in one or two meaningful sessions to give yourself the best chance of success and many many years of good hair versus constantly trying to catch up year in year out

I am from New Zealand and thinking about a mega session overseas and will travel and decided to put in the financial money. What I need to understand now is my expectations and with my family history it does not look good (I am thirty three years old) and basically find myself in an early norwood 3-3v yet a bit diffuse (especially seen when I wash my hair and it is soaking wet). So what can I expect.... Plus will it stand up to the test of time and ensuring I have reserve donor just incase I progress and need to fill in areas to ensure I do not look like a muppet

Be wise with your choices

Plus make sure you are on the meds especially if you are younger

09-04-2010, 11:52 PM
Hi NateDog

Thanks for the reply. The NHI is the National Hair Institue operating out of Melbourne. They have been around for a while and as far as I can ascertain has a really good name and reputation. I am just surprised that no one on this forum has ever dealt with them. Even the search engin fails to bring up anything. The preform mega sessions and use the latest strip methods.


09-05-2010, 12:23 AM
I guess the reason is because there are not alot of Australian guys on this forum (remember this is geared heavily towards American based Surgeons)

NHI - Is that this place http://www.newhair.com.au

Their results do look good as good as the photos you see anywhere. I however say tread with caution and ask alot of questions. Especially their techniques (lateral slit) and what size incision they use (is it .6 or .8 mm)

The reason I would go to Canada or the States is purely because I know Americans (no offence guys) are obsessed with looks and vanity plus are very very demanding therefore Surgeons need to be on their game especially over legal wrangles. That just is my preference

I would definitely if I were you talk to Doctor Knudsen and also get some online consultations with a few of the American Doctors on here also... Make sure NHI also only do hair transplants... I would run from a place that did not solely specialise in hair as you want the Surgeon to be fully on their game all the time. Plus ask them about the procedure I myself like the Surgeon to do the majority of the work and really oversee the placing of the grafts but that is just me

If you can talk to a few of their patients and see the results in real life. No point in spending a house deposit if the results are never going to meet your expectations

09-05-2010, 10:30 AM
Hi NateDog

Thanks for the reply. The NHI is the National Hair Institue operating out of Melbourne. They have been around for a while and as far as I can ascertain has a really good name and reputation. I am just surprised that no one on this forum has ever dealt with them. Even the search engin fails to bring up anything. The preform mega sessions and use the latest strip methods.


Well, if you are looking at getting a strip procedure done, please be aware that many of us who have had strip procedures are unhappy with the permanent strip scar across the back of our heads.

Just be aware that you never will be able to buzz your hair short in back. The line does show. Mine sure does.

09-05-2010, 01:07 PM
You will hear this over and over

Read and research

This is purely so you can get over the emotional state somewhat and make a decision based on the facts of your situation

Whatever you decide remember you live and die by your own sword and the procedure could be something great but in ten years time no so much this is the reality of the situation

I know I would not go with NHI until you are able to source independent advice on their results and research the Doctors and ensure that they have been trained by who they say they have been trained by and seeing results with your type of hair loss and characteristics is essential aswell

09-18-2010, 10:24 PM
I'm also from NZ and I will be seeing Dr Knudsen next month. Just started propecia today. Really worried about its side effect. I'm 28 and almost heading to norwood 6. Last time when i saw Dr Knudsen he told me its going to cost me 12,650AUD 2000 grafts. Any suggestions?

09-18-2010, 10:37 PM
Hi there

I would seriously think hard if you are heading norwood 6. Only because you need exceptional freakish donor area in my opinion to get good coverage on top if you do become a norwood 6. Not trying to be a downer just being super realistic. Research and look at before and after pictures of norwood 6 patients and the amount of grafts they have

I think Doctor Knudsen was very ethical and seems very conservative. Stay on the meds its all we all have got and do not be scared of trying anything (dont listen to scare mongering via online forums you do what you gotta do to keep your chin up). The key to this all is not stay on these forums thinking whoa is me like alot of guys on here the key is to find acceptance in whatever form and however you do it just so you can move on with reality and your real life

That being said if you really want to go for it I think you should travel to Hasson and Wong or Rahal and those places and get a full mega session of 5000 plus grafts if possible. Knudsen is expensive in comparisson and all we are talking is really an airfare and a few nights accommodation.

Go full noise or not at all

For me I have had 1200 grafts so far and really I am going to stop now. I dont want to have my donor thin that my scars are shocking so if I need to I will wear a hair system and try that out (doesnt hurt). People say oh no dont wear a rug but the good ones are undetectable (do not believe the bs that guys say they stick out the bad ones do but its like a transplant spend the money for top shelf and get what you pay for). If you accept it and it makes you feel not so much an outcast in society then again like Spencer on here says you do what you gotta do and stuff what anyone else thinks. Do it no regrets and move on with your life

If you need to talk to me about Knudsen or whatever send me an email message thing. Ill talk to you on the phone and give you my opinion of what you are in for also

09-19-2010, 01:22 AM
Hi mate! thanks for your awesome advise. I would like to talk to you. How can I contact you.

09-19-2010, 01:58 AM
No worries

You say you are heading towards a norwood 6... What norwood level are you

Flick me an email grommit__@hotmail.com (2 of the underscroll things) and I can give you a ring if you want (include your number and maybe a time to ring in the evening in the week sometime that suits I am home most nights and stuffed after work and more then happy to chat about mine and your situation mate) I am sure we both have alot in common in terms of the psychology of hair loss and moving forward


12-23-2013, 04:31 PM
Hi Guys,
I have had 3 hair transplants over the years in Australia with a few different surgeons and I just want to say that the best surgeon by far is Dr Knudsen. He did the most professional job with the best results. If you live in Australia you have to go and see him. There is no point going overseas for your treatment like i did the first time (I wont mention the surgeons name), when you have any issues there is nothing they can do, there is just no care after the procedure and if you are not happy you have to go overseas again to get it fixed, which can become costly and you have no legal rights either if it comes to that.
Price wise all the HT surgeons in Australia are pretty much identical but if you look up Dr Knudsen's qualifications you can see by a long shot that he is the best.
I am really really happy with the results from my HT with Knudsen

12-23-2013, 07:20 PM
I have read about a few Australians who have travelled to Thailand for surgery with Dr Damkerng Pathomnovich and have had excellent results.
I would research this surgeon.

07-03-2014, 11:06 PM
Shan, yes yes & yes. Bangkok/Chaing Mai & Phuket. I don't advocate much in Thailand because they wouldn't hesitate to pull your arm off if they could and sew it back on somebody else for $$. But I've delt with 2 HT surgeons over here for restoration work due to crap work performed by R. Knudsen, Sydney in 2007. I can laugh now with my hair restored in 2014 thanks to Thai Doctors; you see all of Knudsens grafts fell out. Every HT Dr in Australia envies Dr Path in Bkk who incidentally I did not see. People get pissed when they hand over their hard earns money to some mongrel that looks you in the eye knowing your an experiment.

Unless your HT doctor in Australia gets off his or her arse and travels the world to participate in HT work shops like the best for eg. Dr Cole in USA(not a plug) then don't bother handing over your hard earned cash.