View Full Version : Scalp Expansion by Dr. Jeffrey Epstein

08-31-2010, 08:04 AM
I decided to have tissue expanders placed in my scalp to get rid of scar tissue from a grease burn at the age of 2. I have had to get the same hair cut for the past 32 years. As a kid, I was made fun of about my hair. The results of how I was treated by my peers as a kid flowed over into adulthood. Prior to the procedure, I was always worried if my scars were showing. I sacrificed a lot due to my scars. I couldn't go swimming without people staring. I always had to worry about the wind messing up my hair and exposing my scars. So I decided to try to fix the situation by contacting a hair restoration doctor. I was advised that tissue expansion would produce the best results. I had tissue expanders done five times before in 1987. The pros to tissue expanders is the results are immediate. The hair does not lose the blood supply and is not removed from the scalp. The scalp is just moved over to cover the bald area. The downside to tissue expanders is the deformity that they cause for 2-3 months while the scalp is making new skin. I was able to cover it up with a bandana, but it depends how where the expander is placed and how large the expander is pumped up. I had the procedure done five times before and knew what to expect. With the advancement in medical devices, the expanders have external ports which make pumping them up a lot easier.

I selected Dr. Epstein to do the procedure. Dr. Epstein is one of the best in the world at hair transplants. He does personal consults with his patients to tell them their options as far as hair restoration. He answers all questions and concerns that the patient may have regarding procedures. The patient is always his top priority. In my opinion, Dr. Epstein and his staff are the best in the field. I have had the same procedures done by other doctors in the past and the experience and results do not even come close to the excellent experience I have had with Dr. Epstein. If you want excellent results and a doctor that cares choose Dr. Epstein. Dr. Epstein likes to use his skills to restore the hair of victims of tragic events such as burns, accidents, and domestic violence. I am so thankful for this.:)