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08-14-2010, 11:55 AM
Hey There, Forum Readers--

This is Peter ("Gemini2") checking in again, on behalf of myself and my twin brother, Paul ("Gemini1")...

Pretty exciting news this month!

We are now at the 11-Month Mark, and we have to say that, as we start to approach the one-year-anniversary of our procedures, we have new evidence that makes us ever-increasingly optimistic that our ultimate-results will be quite, quite good!

In just in the past two-weeks, we have both begun to experience a slightly more evident, and definitely noticeable increase in health and density of the transplanted hairs, as well as our overall hair as a whole...While I have returned to 5% minoxidil use, (in addition to our daily finesteride), and this could also certainly be a factor, Paul has NOT yet, and yet he is seeing a similar slight, but noticeable increase, too...! This is the really some of the first truly noticeable increase in density in some time, and is so, so encouraging-especially this "late" in the game...

As you know from our previous posts, we BOTH had our procedures done on the same day with Dr. Hasson, and because of incredibly tight scalp-laxity in both of us, we weren't able to get the higher yield of grafts either one of us had hoped for with a mega-session (Paul got about 2800 and I got about 3200).

This, along with a couple of stubbornly troublesome "patchy" areas, have really been concerning us the past few months, and though we have remained optimistic, we were concerned that ultimately the final results might not be what we had hoped originally going into our procedures.

While the lower-yields have certainly made us have to re-adjust our expectations, we have been trusting that Dr. H's expertise and artistry would provide us with the best results that we could possibly have hoped for with the numbers we had...

The ever-increasing health/density (even from 10.5 months to 11 months!) that we are seeing is hopeful evidence that our ongoing Trust and Faith in Dr. Hasson is WELL-placed! If we continue to experience the maturation of density and fullness over the next 6 months that we have in the past two weeks, AND the lighter and "patchier" areas continue to fill in as it seems they FINALLY may have begun to, we expect to be very satisfied patients indeed!

As always, for pics of our progress, as well as more specific details of our individual experiences, please visit our Personal Hair Blogs ("Gemini1" and "Gemini2" respectively...!)

Stay Tuned...!

09-18-2010, 03:58 PM
Hey Friends,

It's Paul (Gemini 1) checking in on behalf of the "Gemini Twins".

As hard as it is to believe, we reached the ONE YEAR MARK this week, and are both deeply grateful for the progress and results we have seen in that time.

It has been a remarkable journey--which you can trace from the beginning by visiting our individual websites at:

Hair Restoration Site for Gemini1


Hair Restoration Site for Gemini2

We cannot thank Dr. Hasson enough for the new feeling of youth and confidence we have gained as a result of his skillful work. We encourage anyone thinking about hair replacement surgery to contact us through our blogs to ask further questions about our fabulous experience with Hasson and Wong. As cliche as it sounds, it is one of the best decisions we ever made for our careers and our personal lives, and we cannot recommend them strongly enough.

Thanks, too, to the awesome H&W staff, to Mike Ferko, and to our online brethren in these forums, for your constant support throughout this challenging and exciting year.

We wish everyone as successful and rewarding a hair restoration experience as we have been lucky enough to have through Hasson and Wong.

Best always,
Peter and Paul ("The Gemini Twins")