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08-12-2010, 12:49 PM
Hey everyone.

My name is Alex. I just turned 21 years old and I have been noticeably balding since I was 17 years old. The thinning of my hair is so obvious that I am often mistaken for being 24, 25, or even 26 years old. If you are reading this, then it is very likely that you have something in common with me.

If you are balding as well, then it is very possible that we actually have a lot more in common than you think. Despite the fact that you may be twice my age or possibly younger than me, you and I both know what it's like to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror only to be reminded that our heads are getting shinier every day. We both know what it is like to think twice before we go swimming with friends or family, or debate against ourselves whether or not we should wear that dirty old hat again. Does it seem like your thinning hair looks the absolute worst when you're sitting in the barber chair before getting a hair cut? It does to me. Now I don't even get my hair "cut", I get it "trimmed".

We are balding and losing our once-thick heads of hair. We are losing our sense of power, strength, and masculinity just like Samson did when he had his hair robbed from him. We look older, we feel older, and worst of all, we feel that there isn't too much we can do about it.

Now I am no scientist nor am I a doctor or professional on hair loss. What little I know about solutions to hair loss, I do know that surgery is out of the question for me because of my age (and I'm broke haha). Drugs or prescriptions like Propecia that can slow down or even stop the loss of hair from my head are a lifelong commitment that I don't want to tie myself down to. So, I choose not to be tied down, and that includes dealing with the fact that I AM BALDING.

And now, I offer a solution to all those who might be interested. In all honesty, I am balding and I am fine with it. I didn't like feeling tied down or restricted, and I know you have that in common with me, too. I didn't like feeling depressed, or sad, or fragile, or like a charity case, and I know that nobody likes feeling like that. I know it might seem impossible, but I choose to not feel that way simply because I don't want to. I am the only person that has control over how I feel, and that is how I choose to feel. There are WAY too many problems in life to deal with, and the hair on my head should not be one of them. I can't imagine the amount of things that older men with wives and children and careers have to deal with, and stressing about your hair seems so minuscule to the rest. I'm just some punk kid who goes to college, hangs out with his buddies on the weekend, and plays video games when he's bored.
If you are like me and you can't slow it down or stop it, whether it be financial reasons or you don't like relying on a drug for self-confidence, then I hope you can understand that at the end of the day, you'll still be the same person with or without all your hair.

Hair does not make you a man. Hair does not make you a good father or a good husband or a successful businessperson. Hair doesn't make you better at basketball or stronger in the gym, and to the women that are worth it, hair does not make you more attractive.

In conclusion, I just want to leave you with this: If you are like me and you really can't do anything about it, then don't let it control you. If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford safe surgeries or expensive prescriptions, then by all means, do what you have to do... but in any scenario, don't let hair make who you are. You are balding, so be bald, and be bold.

08-12-2010, 03:28 PM
Welcome to the forum. I think you're an inspiration to all the young guys and the older guys also who are struggling with this issue. I recognize your avatar from your video on the TBT website. I also heard you on Spencer Kobrenís radio show last week. Keep doing what your doing to stay positive and thanks for spreading such a positive message. We really need it around here:)

08-13-2010, 05:22 PM
To alpavia, that was a great post. You have control of your situation and a confidence that is more important than having hair.

I hope, if you get financially better off, that you won't decide to get a hair transplant. Like many hair transplant patients, I am very unhappy with my result. You could end up in the same boat.

Please keep writing about your approach to baldness. You can save plenty of other young men from the mistake of hair transplant surgery. Baldness is not something to be feared and a bald man with confidence is plenty attractive to women.

08-18-2010, 03:00 PM
Thank you! You're right, a little positive attitude around here will help tons of people. I just hope people realize that confidence and pride can be obtained without hair. Hair is like any other physical feature that some have and some don't. It's great to want to better yourself and to improve your physical features (like working out, eating healthy or even brushing your teeth), but getting depressed about something you have very little control over is pointless. Yes, it sucks, but just move on and concentrate on more important things in life.

You're losing your hair? So what? You may not have a big ol' puffy head of hair, but what DO you have? What things are you proud of? My balding friend is proud of his new healthy son and his beautiful wife who gave birth to that son. I'm balding, and I'm proud of my spankin' good looks and my stinkin' hot girlfriend :) My balding co-worker is the funniest guy I know, and he get's SOOOO many phone numbers from pretty women because he can tell a joke and even laugh about himself (and he's got lots of money... so if you have lots of money, BE PROUD OF THAT DOUGH!).

What do you have?

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08-18-2010, 03:14 PM
That's what I'm talkin about! That dude is awesome. Screw hair, haha.

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08-19-2010, 02:25 AM
Interesting post. I don't like baldness and never will but the odd thing is that after seven years of it causing me to make bad decisions, mainly through a lack of confidence, it eventually led to me making a very good decision! I quit my job in the financial sector and now work for myself from home. I never have to meet anyone and I seldom have to leave the house, and it is great because it is virtually stress free! I have removed all the mirrors in the house, and to be honest baldness as a problem has diminished significantly.

Of course, if they ever bring out a cure for baldness then I'll grab it with both hands, but maybe now the experience won't be as bad as it used to be.