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08-09-2010, 12:03 PM
Hi all, I have noticed a increased amount of hair falling out and shedding even though i am on propecia which i thought would stop this. Well it did stop it more or less completly when i went on it around 15 months ago. I have had a strange last 3-4 months in terms of the way my hair has been changing after surgery and the amount falling out

Just so you guys can advise me better i need to tell you i have had three small fue procedures (500 grafts plus 1000 grafts plus 1000grafts) over the last 3 years mostly at the front and mid area, i only use propecia to block dht and and use baby shampoo to wash my hair and nothing else. I dnt really use any styling products either. I have been told i have around 3000-4000 grafts left with good beard hair characteristics which i can also use in the future. My whole transplant journey has been a complete nightmare and i wish i had never started this crap (i was 28 when i started) I do however get loads of positive compliments about my hair and can pull of a full thick head of hair once blow dried etc etc

1) Attached are some pics which i took while i was having a moment of madness this morning and and just messing around with my hair to see how much would fall put. I wasnt being overally forcefull but a little more than you would normally be if you were just messing around with your hair. I think some might say i may be going through a bit of shed but there are around 65-100 hairs in that sink and this has been going on now for around the last 3 months. People also say its normal to shed 100 or so hairs a day but please note this is nearly 100 in 5 minutes :-( Any input or advice would be much appreciated??

2) could propecia be losing its effectivness already???? I stayed away from propecia for years until the day noticed my crown had also started to thin and gave in and went on it immediatly. The transformation in my crown and around it was simply amazing, in only a matter of 2-3 weeks it was completly filled in again and even today it is still looking very good and full. Do you guys think this may be happening because propecia doesnt work in the middle and front area to well and so i am just losing hair there as normal but at a slower rate than i would if i wasnt on it.

3) My hair is the longest its ever been. I think some people say if your hair is very long it falls out quicker but just grows again as normal, could this be the case?

4) I am 9.5 months out since my last FUE procedure, not sure if this information is relevent

5) Iv only been using j&j baby shampoo for the past 2 years. Could it be that i need to change shampoos now?

The last thing i will say is that my hair looks better than it did one year ago. I see my hair falling out everywhere especially when i wash it but my hair looks better than it ever had (maybe because i have grown it out so much) so the whole thing is confusing me big time.

Please guys, any of your experiences would be much appreciated. Is there anyone out there who sheds a lot daily but doesnt seem to see much loss on top. It feels like i am shedding more hair these days then 3 years ago when i was losing hair fast and noticing it on top as well. Just this very second i have put my hand through my hair and can see one hair on my laptop. Any input, and personal experiences would be much appreciated.

08-09-2010, 12:08 PM
sorry i forgot to add the pics

One of them dry in sink and another in water:(

really confused guys

08-09-2010, 12:26 PM
I have been on Propecia for about two years and have experienced the same type of shedding twice since I started. It always stops eventually and my hair did not get visibility thinner. All in all it looks much better now then before I started. I consider myself lucky to have not had surgery because I was scheduled with MHR but my mother found the American Hair Loss Association and this forum and told me that I should read all of the information before pulling the trigger. Needless to say I cancelled my surgery with MHR and have been taking it slow and researching IAHRS surgeons. I really want to have a hair transplant but now that I have a little more hair then when I started this process, I'm holding off to see what happens.
Iím sure that your shedding will slowdown in time, mine did and Iím so happy that I started Propecia and grateful to my mother form finding this forum.

08-11-2010, 01:10 PM

can i ask, so did your hair improve for a while (mine did) and then you sheded a lot (anything like my pics) and then it shedding slowed down again and growth or improvement continued? At anytime did you notice it thined your hair out a bit and then got better again?

Thanks again for replying, i am really surprised more people havnt shared there experiences

08-11-2010, 01:57 PM
Thatís exactly how it happened. It got better for a while, then had a shed, but it didnít get much worse, and then it improved again once the shed stopped. I think once most people stop thinking so much about thier hair loss, they just move on and stop posting on the forum.