View Full Version : Hair Transplants and Propecia - Question For Doctors

08-08-2010, 01:37 AM
I have a question

We often read about Propecia losing its effectiveness over time and I have even heard Doctors say balding eventually catches up with everyone and you will end up the pattern you were always destined to be

If this is the case are we on Propecia only to buy time in the hope better technology comes out or does it buy time so you can save up ten thousand dollars for the next round

Therefore in this case are transplants on younger patients (under the age of 35) based solely on family balding patterns. Otherwise how else can you really predict the level of balding (gazing into a crystal ball). Shouldnt expectation then be based on worse case scenario (which inevitably it isnt) and should Doctors not fully explain the realisation that patients understand the position they will be in when balding progresses and potentially their donor thin. I suspect alot of younger guys nod their heads even if this is explained to them in the consultation yet in reality they are saying just give me a head of hair now Doctor in ten years it wont matter to me. Younger guys make decisions on emotion and hair at a younger age its the biggest driver in the world

I would just like to know what justifies transplanting on a younger guy and the use of Propecia where its commonly accepted that it will stop working down the line