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08-01-2010, 07:26 PM
Forum Update on Twin Brothers "Gemini 1" and "Gemini 2"

10 1/2 Months Dr. Hasson

Hey, Forum Readers,

It's Peter ("Gemini 2") checking in on behalf of myself and my twin brother Paul ("Gemini 1") at the 10 1/2 Month mark...!

We are quickly closing in on the One-Year Anniversary of our hair Transplants with Dr. Hasson (Sept '09), and we both remain very grateful we chose Hasson and Wong for our procedures...!

This month, we both saw continued slight but steady increase in density, and, by extension, coverage--especially in the areas that have been growing steadily all along... Encouraging and Exciting...

We continue to be a tad concerned with the small patchy areas near the tops of the temples (on opposing sides--my left, Paul's right) and the outline/edges of the hairline on the sides... But we still have faith and hope for the next 2-6 months for increased density, naturalness and coverage in those areas as well...

We've also both noticed a peculiar consistent disparity between our "good" and "bad" hair days... One day the hair seems to be coming in, full, dense and encouraging... Other days, we can't seem to do anything with it, or get the look or coverage we'd like at all... The good news is that the "good" days seem to equal or outnumber the "bad," and we are hopeful it continues to just be "part of the process" on our way to complete satisfaction...!

As usual, please see our individual "Gemini1" and "Gemini2" blogs/topics/posts for pics and individual results...!

08-05-2010, 06:08 PM
How many grafts did you have

And how old are you guys

08-08-2010, 12:00 PM
We are late 30s and Gemini1 received 2880 grafts, I ended up getting just slightly more at 3200... We had hoped for larger numbers, of course, but Dr. H told us we were in the top 10% of tightest scalps he had EVER worked on... We were probably lucky to get the numbers we did, and we have no doubts that Dr. H's expertise made better artistic use of those lower numbers than any other doctor we considered...!

Hope this helps...!

08-08-2010, 12:35 PM
I think late thirties is a good age depending on when you first started losing hair

I just read your ten month update and hopefully it will thicken up and if not you can make another small pass. I think thats why everyone normally has two however Dr Wong and the top guys are very very good at the big one pass method nowadays

Did you ever try shave your heads or was that never an option

I am only 33 and my biggest concern is how much I will lose between now and forty which is holding me off doing a mega session for now. Quite fustrating and depressing when you start to think about worse case scenarios and into the future. I go from thinking shaved or buzz cut (to get some sort of acceptance in my own mind) to a hair piece to just holding onto what I have and hope for the best and in due course getting something major done

Also just saying it must be great to have a twin to lean on for support and is going through the same emotions

Are you both on medication and how long... Did Dr Wong place grafts in the crown back through the existing hair

08-08-2010, 01:07 PM
Yes, we are hoping for continued growth and density in the next 2-8 months, but are encouraged by what has come in so far...!

We actually went in hoping for and expecting a megasession between 4-5000+ grafts, and they were anticipating DOING that, but because of our very tight scalps, we got the lower yields... It has still made a considerable difference for us, and we only wish we would've gotten more in that first session... The dreaded "hair greed..." The more that comes back in, the more you want...!

Hard to advise on your situation... It really depends upon YOU... Paul and I were never really able to shave our heads--not only because we NEED our hair for the various characters we play (we are both actors...), but because our facial features don't really support a shaved head (it's just not really an attractive look on either of us...)

I will say that I probably wish I had done the procedure slightly earlier...
The more the hair grows in, the more I feel like "my old self" again, and I would have liked to have spent the last few years feeling like myself... Our hairloss has been one of the major preoccupations of our lives and careers for SO many years, and the sooner you address it, the quicker you can feel like "yourself" and move on and forward in your life... I did seriously look at a hair system for a little while, as I had used them onstage, and if you get a quality one, the illusion can be pretty great, but ultimately, I REALLY just wanted my real hair back, and, so far anyway, I am very encouraged that I/we did the right thing... Still hoping for that "extra density," though!!

By the way, our doctor was Dr. Hasson, not Dr. Wong, but all evidence suggests Dr. Wong is excellent as well...!

As far as "support," YES, it has been INVALUABLE to have each other to lean on and support each other through this, but I will also say that these FORUMS are ALSO a TREMENDOUS resource for that support! EVERYONE on here is SO UNDERSTANDING and SUPPORTIVE of this, because we ALL SHARE The SAME ISSUES and CONCERNS...

It really is an INVALUABLE place for information and support! Use it as much as possible!

Best of luck with your decisions and options!!

08-08-2010, 01:10 PM

NO--no crown-work in this first session, and YES--we are both on the finesteride since the procedure 10 months ago, and YES it IS helping our crown areas a good bit... I've also gone back on Rogaine just as an added measure... I feel like if nothing else, it helps the overall HEALTH of my hair and follicles, and probably is helping me KEEP what I HAVE!!

08-08-2010, 01:19 PM
You guys sound in a pretty good state of mind

No anxiety of further loss... That is another concern of me should I hold out to see how much further I progress or has meds stabalized me for now and will that hold out. So many questions of staring into that crystal ball

Guess the reason why I am holding is if I turn out to be a norwood six (Im asian origin - Chinese) then based on my donor do I really have enough hair to look respectable. That is a concern for me. Therefore thats in the back of my mind alot I have a small HT scar and I do and do not regret it at all. Shaving with a scar is no big deal if its only 8-9cm as it is but if I was to go the full hog now and get a 20cm scar then obviously that would negate shaving or buzzing down

Lately I have thought so much about rugs also

In the end of the day I want to find some sort of acceptance within myself. Because the transplant route is really a twenty thousand dollar question

08-08-2010, 01:36 PM
Hey, NateDog...

Really, in the end, only you can answer those questions...

But I would say two things...


Consider the biggest reasons you WANT your hair-back... Are they personal? Professional? Self-esteem? Etc...

Secondly, Paul and I worried a lot about future loss at first as well... But then what we realized is WE ARE SUFFERING NOW... NOW is the time we need the "relief" from the every day worry and obsession with our hairloss... Also, we were both starting to lose roles/parts to guys with fuller heads of hair, who weren't as good of actors, so the reasons were also professional for us...

I actually DID try wearing a system for a very brief period, and while I found it just really wasn't for me (maintenance, upkeep, time-investment), I thought the look was fairly decent, and if I had been balding more than I was, or had no other options, I definitely still would've chosen a system over going bald... It really just is such a personal decision... But I might suggest that you TRY a system (if you are thinking about it so much--it certainly is a cheaper and less-permanent option, and you can see if it's for you, if not, you STILL have the surgical option...!) If you write me directly at petethefire@gmail.com I can give you the website where I got my QUALITY-systems at a fraction of what they cost at the bigger "chain"-companies...!

What I can say, too, is that THERE IS NO CRYSTAL BALL really... You WON'T KNOW YOUR LEVEL OF HAIRLOSS until you are EXPERIENCING it... So it is hard to say whether or not you should "hold off..." JUST because you might experience MORE loss... Also keep in mind that there is encouraging, FANTASTIC new research on many areas of hair-restoration, which will provide other options in the future as well (such as Histogen, hair cloning, advancements in transplant techniques, etc...)... Ultimately, the choice WE made was to deal with the problem NOW, because we were experiencing the PAIN of the problem NOW, and when we need to cross another bridge about future loss, or other procedures, we will deal with those bridges/challenges THEN...

Hope this helps..!! Best of Luck!!

08-08-2010, 01:49 PM
It does help thank you

I will flick you that email mine is grommit__@hotmail.com (two _)

I absolutely understand the whole fix it now. I stare at the before and after photos of many guys and look at their patterns and try establish whether that is where I am heading or where I am at and gauge what type of hair they have and the results. Some are amazing but some if I am being honest are not so much so I am not convinced my expectations will be met. I dont expect a full head but I would like good even density.

I guess thats also another argument is further down the line technology will only get better with the advancements being made. I figure if I stay on the medication of Propecia (not a Minoxidil fan) and buzz my hair and see if I like it or just keep the hair I have now and use concealor (I am a slave to toppik) then I will be no worse off down the line and probably in a better position the more I hold out for more surgery.

Being actors I do get you need the look acting is based on the look first and foremost so its a no brainer the decision you guys have made and I also think your patterns and being your late thirties you will not be progressing much if at all from where you are at (though I know crystal ball theory)

I am just trying to find acceptance within myself. That will allow me the clarity to make an appropriate decision. I would hate to think I would act on pure emotion now and regret it in five years. I am certain honestly that with great success in the industry there are so many guys now who had transplants at young ages that really regret it (because of further loss)