View Full Version : avordart vs propecia: scalp testostrone

07-19-2010, 05:28 PM
I've recently started on avodart, been on it for one month now. I've been doing some research.

so heres the caveat:

propecia increases scalp testostrone by 23% whereas avodart increases scalp testostrone by 99%

A lot of us unfortunate ones with balding are having problems digesting the fact the our scalp testostrone is increased.

But here the thing:
AT THE SAME TIME, avodart is decreasing DHT by 51% whereas propecia decreases DHT in scalp by 41%. THATS A 10% DIFFERENCE!!! Remember that DHT binds to the androgen receptor about 3-5 times more strongly than testostrone!!!!

So would you rather have 10% less DHT and 76% more scalp testostrone on avodart?

Or would you rather have 10% more DHT and 76% less testostrone on propecia?

ok so far i've been on avodart for a month. I'm your guinea pig. I'll let you all know what happens