View Full Version : 9 months propecia, now avodart (with photo)

07-18-2010, 05:02 PM
Ok here my story:

I'm not balding from the crown, or have a receding hairline.

The type of balding I have is DIFFUSE from front to back.

I have curly hair which has saved me from A LOT of embarrassment lately (it covers my diffuse balding well) and made me less aggressive in treating my hair loss.

But now its beginning to show....even though I've been on 9 months of propecia.

So about a month ago, I switched to avodart. Was this too soon to tell? I dont know, but hopefully the avodart will work. The fact is, I cant sit here and wait till all my hair to fall out then finally make a decision to switch to avodart.

So far, 1 month with avodart, I still have the same amount of hair falling out into the shower.

I'm pretty pessimistic right now, I think I will lose my hair completely.

I'm about 27 now, I've had slow loss of hair since I was 19. I've been in denial about my hairloss until about 1 year ago.

I'm still overlapping propecia with my avodart dosage. I will continue this for about 3 months. Hopefully the avodart will be working full force by then.

I will keep you all updated.