View Full Version : 16 years old and balding.

07-10-2010, 09:43 PM
Hi, I'm Marcus and I believe I have been experiencing a very aggressive form of MPB.

I have lost about 1.5cm of my hair line in about 9 months. Where the hair used to be, there are only small vellus hairs. I'm shedding 150+ hairs a day and i'm also beginning to lose density throughout the entire top of my head and around my ears. I am also recovering from a pretty severe flare up in my seborrheic dermatitis which I doubt is really helping my case here.

My questions are:
Can you be prescribed propecia at 16?
Will extina (topical keto) ,that I use for my scalp, help the hair loss?
Many of the hairs I shed have a white/ yellow residue surrounding the bulb at the end of the hair, is this shedding normal?