View Full Version : Hair loss?

06-17-2010, 03:16 AM
Err.. i'm 19 and i'm just kind of concrned if i may be having some hair loss?

No one has ever mentioned me losing hair or anything.Just stumbled across this "oh you're maybe losing hair bullshit".

Overall i've actually got plenty of thick hair, the only thing that's kind of worrying me is my crown hair. Is it naturally a bit thinner than the rest of the hair? This is something i haven't really payed attention to until recently.. If it were up to me i'd say that my crown hair is naturally thinner, i haven't every payed any attention to it so how am i supposed to know whether it's natural or not haha.

Also, what do you guys define as having thin hair?

The hair itself is thin or having little amount of hair in a specific area? <-- (i'm assuming choice #2)

Mhmmm, when it comes to my parent's genetics...

My mom's side.. there's no one i know with bald hair, however when it comes to my dad's side he isn't completely bald, just at the crown area he lacks a bit. However, now he's in his 50's and i can tell his hair has gotten much thinner. None of his brothers have got hair loss.

My grand fathers didn't seem to really have gotten bald in any way either.

So my question.. should i be worried about my stupid crown hair? I think it's also worth mentioning that my dad has been living a very unhealthy life style.. *cough* alk *cough*.. fattening food.. no sport.. and a shit load of stress at times, bad temper

Dr. Glenn Charles
06-18-2010, 05:44 PM
If your father has crown loss and you are already seeing signs of thinning in your crown you may want to consider trying Propecia to slow down the process. It works better if used when patient still has a good amount of hair still remaining in the area.