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12-04-2008, 01:04 PM
I notice that a lot of guys opt for more than one surgery, why can it not all be done at one time? Does the doctor make more from having you come back than just doing it in one sitting?


12-08-2008, 02:27 AM
Voltron, Here is a post i made about number of sessions.

"Growth and Number of sessions"

I get asked these questions all the time - "Will i only need one session?"

The answer to this is more than likely NO - Its very rare indeed that any patient only has one session unless they have a very small amount of loss - or limited donor supply, then you potentially aren't a viable HT candidate unfortunately.

Even if your hair loss is absolutely stable and doesn't progress any further the chances are your first session will be the foundation for a potential second session to top up/refine/add density/close angles/ work further back ..etc - regardless of technique used. Hair is like money you always want more - You will always want to make it better, we ALL do!

Top Dr's will endeavour to achieve the appropriate no. / highest number of grafts possible without jeopardising you in order to create as much coverage/density as possible in one session where warranted - whilst maintaining your donor area/further supply's integrity.

The initial session will come in so slowly and gradually that you become so used to it that it becomes the normal and YOU will not necessarily notice the change bang on month 3! - The realisation takes time!! It is only until you compare pre op pics that you actually realise how far you have come and have a glimpse at what your situation actally was.

You will scrutinise your results constantly, inspecting it every chance you get - and feel that you will always want more hair - Even at month 5/6/7 patients are planning their 2nd session but my advice is WAIT and allow for the first session to reach its max potential

It doesn't matter how many times i say it to people or write it they still feel that their growth has stopped at month 4/5/6...... then come month 10/11/12 they say - wow you were right.. I did get more.

Growth doesn't stop for many many months - it can take upto 18 months to reach the max potential from your HT so why guys are convinced after 5 months their growth has stopped is just beyond me
If you have received your HT from one of the reputable clinics around today then your growth will continue upto a year along with a great deal of maturing.

Many Dr's have commented on time scales for growth and established posters as well who have all been through the HT process and they all agree that you need to assess your HT at at least the 1 year mark in terms of reaching full growth.

You the HT recipient will not see the growth just occur - it takes months for the realisation to kick in. It is important to take pictures at monthly intervals to clearly see the progression.

Its important that guys realise that HT's are a commitment long term and you must realise that you will always want to refine your hair and wish it were thicker/fuller/denser - This is the nature of hair.

Hair greed - Be aware !

Hope this helps

12-08-2008, 11:50 AM

Just wanted add a few comments because the nature of your question should inspire you to really research the full effects of MPB which is a progressive disease. Genetic hairloss is a lifelong event for those who have it and it can be difficult to predict the rate of prgression as well as the extent of loss that one will experience.

That's where reviewing both sides of one's family history becomes helpful. If one has family history of MPB and reaches the advanced classess, generally Norwood 5 through 7, that's a sign that you may progress to the same degree of loss.What I find oustounding every day are those men who have their rate of progression slow down considerably with the use of finasteride or dutaseride, and for some, adding minoxidil. My maternal grandfather and uncle had extensive hairloss up to class 6. Neither of them had used any hairloss drugs. I did not have the opportunity to use finasteride until I reached class 4-5, however, 12 years later, I still have not noticably lost any more of my native hair subject to DHT. My uncle is now 79 years of age and still a class 6.

It is for this reason why patients need to get additional procedures. Subsequently, there are very few patients who get by with one procedure. Some simply do not have MPB and simply want to lower a hairline. And I agree that the preservation of available donor is absolutely critical. Please note that I said [I]available[I] donor. Some of the donor zone can be miniturizing which is proof some of it is DHT receptive and not to be considered terminal hair. I would think that any HT surgeon would inspect for this on every patient prior to surgery. My point is that every patient must plan for the needs at present AND the future as hairloss continues. Once started, the patient is committed to future procedures.

Some docs will state that they solidly believe moving as much hair as possible in the first session is the best approach. They will state that the virgin scalp is the most ideal environment for the best yields because the blood supply has not been previously compromised with scarring from prior procedures. I don't necessarily completely agree with this because ANY procedure is going to compromise the exisiting environment. It is true however that the more incisions created, the more the recipient area's blood supply is compromised.

The only other time it would be the motive is because the doctor is trying to get as much revenue as he/she can. Do you think that might ever be the case?:eek:

12-08-2008, 08:33 PM
Well said guys!

01-24-2009, 01:23 PM
Don't be afraid that you might need to get more than one transplant. Just having the first one will do wonders for you as long as it is done well.

My situation was money. Most good doctors are reasonably priced, but being a young man with three kids, it was still a lot of money to spend for me.

From what I've read on all the forums I've been on...people usually go back to add density, or add more hair over all. When money and time allows.

I have been very happy with my one hair transplant.....only recently have I thought about another one to add density. If I had to choose between going with no surgery and shaving my head - and having just one surgery....I would still pick the surgery.