View Full Version : Hair Loss/Shock Loss 8 months post-op - Help!

06-09-2010, 01:27 PM
Hi guys,

I had a hair transplant in October 2009 and everything seemed to go relatively well. I had some of the side-effects described to me post-op such as swelling and numbness but these disappeared within weeks and months respectively.

I was also advised of the possibility of 'shock loss' in the few weeks immediately after the surgery. Looking back, I don't remember losing a significant amount of my transplanted hairs after the surgery so I just assumed 'shock loss' had not happened to me.

After the surgery, I was relatively pleased with the results although I knew I would have to go for a second procedure eventually if I wanted to fully restore my original hair line and depth. In the months after the surgery, my hair line and depth were looking significantly better to the extent that people who did not know about the surgery were commenting that my hair looked thicker etc.

However, in the last few weeks, I have noticed a lot of hair loss. This seems to be coming mainly from the areas where I had the surgery rather than my non-HT hair. Can this be classified as 'shock loss'? Is this part of some sort of hair growth cycle? And if so, does this mean that my hair will re-grow in the next few months?

When I first noticed the hair loss, I resolved to wait a few weeks to see if it stopped of its own accord. But it had continued and my hair is starting to look similar to its appearance pre-surgery.

I'm a little bit worried because I was under the impression that 8 months post-op I shouldn't be starting to experience 'shock loss' etc. I have continued to take Propecia as I was doing pre-op.

Would anyone know if these symptons sound worrying or is this a common occurence. Most importantly - will this hair grow back?!

Any help would be appreciated.