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05-31-2010, 03:12 PM
Hi all.. I had bad hair transplant done back in 1992 (I was about 23 yrs old.. I started thinning around age of 19.. friends ridiculed me, younger brother made fun of me, GF keep checking my hair line..making me very insecure) and then tried everything else to save my remaining hair using various products including Rogaine, but failed time after time, wasting a lot of time and money with tons of stress.. (BTW..I lost a lot more hair right after transplant surgery with numbness around the scar)

finally, more than 10 yrs ago, I had enough..and shaved it all off.. and felt good about it.. I'm very glad I did that.. but I still had to deal with the scar in the donor area and the bumpy transplanted area above forehead where the transplanted hair keep growing and I had to keep shaving it off every morning before going to work.. but around 4 or 5 pm transplanted hair start to grow out (like 5 O'clock shadow) and ppl notice that.. for that reason I still wear a cap a lot of time in public..

Now I'm getting tired of that also and want to get rid of it so that I can live a completely normal life without ppl keep looking at my scar and forehead and asking me questions.. having hair transplant done was the worst mistake I've ever made in my entire life and I wish I was smarter, mature and secure enough not to do it back then so that I can live a normal life with shaved head now..
I live in Southern California.. if anyone out there know what I can do and Where I can go, pls let me know.. any info regarding "permanent removal of transplanted hairs" and how to "remove/shrink/hide the scar" will help.
thank you in advance


by the way, I'm completely secure with hair loss now.. its just that I'm tired of answering ppl questions about my scar and stuff.. no one make fun of my shaved head anymore.. more ppl made fun of me before I shaved my head with thinning hair than now.. even if someone make fun of my shaved head now, I simply make fun of something on their body in return... everybody have something they don't like on their body male or female, but especially females.. (for example: size of nose, height being too short or too lanky, body style too fat or too skinny, for guys pot belly or beer guts, for girls size of the butts or hips or even breast size, double or triple chins, zits on face, even bad hair cut..etc.. I can go on and on..but only if they started it and I never make fun of physically challenged, handicapped ppl).. once I joke them back that way, they shut up about my bald head.. if they don't then I won't stop either..I mean if you want to dish out something you better prepare to receive some back..right?

05-31-2010, 04:04 PM
Hi.... there are two methods to remove hair - electrolysis and laser hair removal.... both are good methods but electrolysis is the best at removing hair permenantly.
Chemical peels can fade scars.... look up tca peel on the web, you can buy it online - but read the instructions! There are various laser methods available to reduce scarring also.