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Limmer HTC
05-26-2010, 10:49 AM
Today’s case is a 51 year old gentleman who originally presented in early 2009 for consultation. He had a much defined 25 sq cm patch of baldness on his crown and weakening of his frontal tuft. His main area of concern was his crown but decided if he was going to get a transplant he would also augment his frontal region.

After listening to his concerns (being a public figure) and discussing his options we placed him on Propecia and Rogaine to minimize the risk of future loss. I feel this is very important to do, especially when transplanting the crown as chasing loss in the area can be quite frustrating. Our main goal and his main concern was to get good density on the crown. Augmenting the frontal region was the secondary goal and because he is in the public eye, he did not want any advancement or change to his hairline (only fill).

Thirteen months ago he underwent transplantation having just over 1300 grafts generated from a 15.5 sq cm elliptical harvest. About 950 two & three hair follicular unit grafts were placed in the crown yielding a density of about 40 grafts / sq cm. The remaining one & two hair follicular unit grafts were then placed up in the frontal tuft carefully matching the angle and direction of his native hair to minimize shock loss in this area.

Both pre op and post op photos are shown. He has had excellent growth/coverage, plus his medical therapy has prevented any additional visible loss. While his hair color creates a high contrast, the curl and good shaft diameter make for a great result. He plans to remain on medical therapy and now that he has seen how natural the results are, might consider additional transplants/modification of hairline.

Brad Limmer, MD/jac